Glory by Northern Monk Brew Co

Fresh from a long sleep post night shift, it was time to do my share of the household chores. Whilst cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that the contents of the beer fridge were looking quite minimal. After quickly progressing through domestic tasks, it was time to pick up my other half from work. Before doing this, nearby in the west end of Glasgow is my … Continue reading Glory by Northern Monk Brew Co

The Sub

Hello beer lovers. Time for a quick update on a new beer toy that Santa bought! It’s called ‘The Sub’; powered by Krups and rolled out by Heineken, providing a variety of Heineken draught beers.   Background This is the beer gadget that allows true draught beer at home. There are other gadgets out there that allow semi-draught beers to be produced from shop bought … Continue reading The Sub

Mango, Mango, Mango ABV: 4.5%

Since moving out to the suburbs, I’ve regretfully moved away from one of my favourite independent beer stores. Situated in the West-End of Glasgow, literally yards away from the front door of my old flat, I had worldwide beers available on my doorstop. ‘Grunting Growler’ is a perfect triad of; The ability to buy fresh, draught beer that can be stored at home in your … Continue reading Mango, Mango, Mango ABV: 4.5%