Glory Days by Barney’s Beer

Dr Beer's been drinking again, this time a review of "Glory Days" by Barney's Beer


Sadler’s Ales

New brewery to tell you guys about! Sadler’s Ales is family-orientated, spanning 5 different generations – proudly forming the key part of Sadler’s Ales’ foundation over the past 100+ years. Quick beer update: I stumbled upon this whilst getting groceries from a local supermarket. Established in 1900, this brewery strives to produce great quality craft... Continue Reading →

Loch Ness Brewery

Having finished up some gruelling night shifts, I knew that this was going to be a good weekend for sampling new beers; I most certainly felt as though I had earned them! After my last night shift I went to a local supermarket – as I got there before 10am, licensing laws prevent sales of... Continue Reading →

The Sub

Hello beer lovers. Time for a quick update on a new beer toy that Santa bought! It’s called ‘The Sub’; powered by Krups and rolled out by Heineken, providing a variety of Heineken draught beers.   Background This is the beer gadget that allows true draught beer at home. There are other gadgets out there... Continue Reading →

A Long Train Journey

Firstly I want to apologise as it has been far too long since my last post! Life’s been hectic but hey – here are a few different beers below that I’ve got to tell you about. It was time for a short break in London with my other half. I was excited about spending time... Continue Reading →

Mango, Mango, Mango ABV: 4.5%

Since moving out to the suburbs, I’ve regretfully moved away from one of my favourite independent beer stores. Situated in the West-End of Glasgow, literally yards away from the front door of my old flat, I had worldwide beers available on my doorstop. ‘Grunting Growler’ is a perfect triad of; The ability to buy fresh,... Continue Reading →

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