Japan vs Poland

Japan vs Poland, two countries not particularly famous for their beer - but that's not going to stop me in my quest to diagnose the best beers in the world #WorldCup


France vs Argentina

France vs Argentina, last 16 of the competition. Should hopefully make an epic game - and an equally good drinking line up! #FRAARG #FifaWorldCup #WorldCup


This posts Meet the Makers is a product, rather than a Brewery. Fizzics Waytap - recreating the draught (draft in USA) beer experience at home

England vs Belgium

England vs Belgium. Both sides are already through to the knockout stage. Both teams may have put out their "reserve" line up, but I'm not going to sit back and drink inferior beer!

France vs Peru

France vs Peru. Unfortunately this was a one sided beer contest - I wasn't able to get my hands on a Peruvian beer. Didn't stop me drinking a French one though! #FRAPER

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