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Hop Shot by BrewDog ABV: 20%

Another BrewDog beer for me! Their frequent email updates to my mailbox make it all too easy for me to choose my next drink. I really respect this brewery - I often head to my local bar whenever I hear of a new brew that I would like to try. This time though, my partner… Continue reading Hop Shot by BrewDog ABV: 20%

Beer Review

Prototype: Last but not least

This year, Brewdog only had three beers for its annual Prototype Challenge. Personally I was drawn to Tangerine Style IPA - it was bright, zingy and pushed the tangerine flavour far further than any other citrus beer I've had in the past. I noticed that in previous prototype challenges there were usually four beers produced,… Continue reading Prototype: Last but not least

Beer Review

Brewgooder Clean Water Lager ABV: 4.9%

Hello again beer lovers! Today's beer is a lager, with a heartwarming story. Brewgooder is a company whose policy is putting 100% of the company's profits into clean water projects around the world! How amazing is that? Their aim is to provide one million people with access to clean water. See the link above for… Continue reading Brewgooder Clean Water Lager ABV: 4.9%

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Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale ABV: 4.5%

Following the 'Beer Playoffs' over the weekend, it was finally time to head back to the airport. Unfortunately the flight was significantly delayed... Of course, there's only one thing that can counter such a frustrating situation - to the airport bar! It was an extremely small airport that I was travelling from; only a couple… Continue reading Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale ABV: 4.5%