Bloody ‘Ell by Beavertown ABV: 7.2%

Seriously good – like seriously

So I picked this up from a local craft beer shop that’s nearby, it’s called Grunting Growler. The place has got a chilled vibe and a few different beers on tap (which you can try before you buy!) plus a good couple of fridges stacked with a variety of worldwide beers. The owner is super friendly and is good on recommendations – having been in a few times he remembers my likes and dislikes now.

Bloody ‘Ell is the one that I selected today – the only disappointment was that I could only get a 750ml Growler filled and not a 2L tank!

I made sure that this got chilled in the fridge before taking it out for the Saturday BBQ. The beer itself was fresh and bright in colour and poured smoothly – an amber-orange in colour. First sip was sweet and citrusy with a lot of blood orange hits. It drank very easily and I couldn’t fault it at all. It had the sweet notes desired on a hot summers day with bitter notes scattered at the back of the palate. I would say that it pairs well with food, though if you have a sweet tooth, then it’s easily drank by itself.

Rated: 4.5/5

Pros: Atypical from your usual citrus flavour, comes from a brewery that have a number of beers that I enjoy

Cons: Could be a bit heavy on your stomach if you were to enjoy a few of these. I didn’t buy more!

If you want to find out more about this local beer shop send me a message via the contact us page

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