Born To Die 13.05.2017 by Brewdog ABV: 8.5%

I’m literally gutted that these are only availble as a small batch brew

So I have been scouring for this category of beers since I read about one them in an email newsletter in March, earlier this year. I missed out on an earlier version and was excited when Born To Die 13.05.2017 was actually given to me as a present on my birthday! The clock had hardly passed 9am at that point and by God was it a struggle not to rip open the top of that can there and then! Instead I managed to persuade myself (only just) to let it mellow in the fridge and chill a glass in the freezer.

Some people don’t understand, drinking beer should be looked at as an art form. The moment needs to be set, be relaxed and in a comfortable place. With an ice cold glass I eagerly poured the beer, catching the aromas and watching the soft toffee colour liquor rumble into a sweet head on the drink. It smelt almost dangerous, the anticipation was building.

Then whilst holding the glass in my right hand I took the first gentle sip. I have truly grown fond of an IPA, let alone a double IPA. The description states a “Terminally Hoppy IPA” and does it deliver? Yes it does! The first sip makes you salivate, like you just saw someone order a wicked pizza from the other side of the restaurant. I held it in my mouth to ensure I could feel the citrus notes come through and then let it settle. Just as the glass reaches back to the coaster a subtle dryness comes through which only makes you want to drink the darn beer again!

Having had such high expectations, this beer not only came along and met them, it smashed through the roof. If they served this beer in a bucket – I would be bathing in it!

Rated 4.75/5

Pros – bags of flavour, citrusy and keeps you wanting more

Cons – limited and seasonal availability – so I’m really sorry if you want to try this beer now – you’re too late – try again next year

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