Intergalactic by Belhaven ABV: 5%

41ed1f6f84e5fc3b975663bdbebd3bc7_640x640This beer was an impulse buy whilst doing my weekly shop. Whilst rolling the trolley through the aisles of the supermarket and crossing off my shopping list – I try to complete the majority of the shop as quickly as possible – then as a personal reward I take my time mulling over the variety of beers that the shop offers.

Recently I have been drawn to different cans of beer – two main reasons.

  • They look so cool, the colours and designs on the bottle which are far superior to due to design possibilities
  • I may have had pretty much tried all the bottles on my local shops’ shelves!

The intergalactic can looked trendy and current. The space theme brings a juvenile joy to my heart. I feel an inner warmth and feel optimistic having enjoyed plenty of other beers from one of my national breweries. That night, following it being in the fridge since I got home from doing the shop (no it wasn’t the first thing put in the fridge…….) and a frosted glass ready in the freezer also, I eagerly awaited this beer.

There’s something really poetic about opening a can, the coolness of it in your hand, the clean crisp, distinctive note made when you pop the opening and the sensations experienced by the fresh bubbles audibly and physically. Beautiful bright colours followed as I poured it into the frozen glass reminding me of your typical pub standard lager.

This larger is crisp and fresh – it has a subtly tang to begin with as lemon and citrusy notes enter your mouth and finishes sweetly with a true larger finish. It’s nice and dry and keeps you wanting more. This beer went down very well with a few hands of cards and with good friends.

Just the way beer should be enjoyed

Rated 4.0/5

Pros: Great design and freshness

Cons: Decent lager, though unlike its name it is not “out of this world”

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