Jack’s Precious IPA by Brouwerij The Musketeers ABV: 5.9%

Best beer I had whilst on holiday such a nice glass

I have just had the privilege of coming back from a city break to Brussels, a landmark for culture, chocolate and most importantly….. beer! Before going it was imperative to do research regarding where would be suitable to drink. I therefore stumbled (metaphoricaclly pre-holiday, literally whilst there) across an area famous (and holds a Guinness World Record) for the most amount of beers. So that seemed a sensible place to go. A lovely venue and kegs upon kegs of choice. You could order 0.25cl glasses all the way to 2L steins!


Whilst at this venue I tried approximately 20 different beers and this one was by far my favourite. In case previous reviews had not enlightened you, I am easily tempted by an IPA, so the thoughts of one by a Belgian brewery intrigued me.

Following ordering it, it came in a lovely glass with a geometric red elephant on the label. It had a lovely orange-golden colour, a touch lighter than standard IPAs that I am use to. Sitting at a table, playing a few hands of cards I took a smell. It smelt pleasantly citrusy with some floral notes. I took a decent first mouthful and I was surprised at how smooth it was. There was a hint of spice, though the smoothness washed this away at the end of the drink. It was a joy to consume and quickly became my favourite of the holiday. This was an excellent combination of IPA and Belgium brewed into one beautiful glass.

Rated 4.25/5

Pros: Took the parts that I enjoy from Belgium and IPAs and rolled it into one. Associated glass was lovely

Cons: Not easily accessible to drink locally at home

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