Sixpoint Resin by Sixpoint Brewery ABV 9.1%

strong and smooth
Obligatory pre-flight beer!

When thinking of beers, I am usually drawn to punchy names, bright colours and big ABV’s. This one has two out of three – that ain’t bad! Resin isn’t the typical name I think of when I look for a beer – with the connotations of plastic and man-made materials coming to mind as you take your first sip, it doesn’t initially bode well. With a huge 9.1% behind it though and packs a ton of hops the name quickly fades into a distant memory until you look at the colourful bottle to remind yourself what this gorgeous beer is called.

I had this beer before a morning flight from the airport – absolutely love the fact that if flights are operating, the so is the bar! It seems to be obligatory to have a drink before hopping on a plane and this was certainly a beer that woke my bleary eyes up!

The Sixpoint Resin pours lovely with a light toffee colour. It has scents of pine, which comes through at the end of the drink. This has a huge amount of flavour to it, primarily bright hops to start, which has soft caramel-toffee notes floating in and as previously mentioned, there is a pine-like finish. It’s quite a dry beer, making you want to keep drinking and pairs really well with salty bar food (or an airport bacon roll!).

This double IPA delivers and is definitely one I’ll be purchasing again, as I write this review I am reminded of Christmas and feel that this could be lovely to have with the fire going and being sit by the tree.

Rated 4.25/5

Pros: Great flavour and strength – would only need a few to keep you going for the night! Caramel notes are always a winner for me with my sweet tooth!

Cons: Pricey beer – secondary to the percentage, though ultimately for a beer drinker, this should be a very minimal con!

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