Skeleton Blues by Stewart Brewing ABV: 5.2%

Good evening guys – I’ve just tried this beer out – it’s absolutely lovely!

Having had an unexpected trip to the local supermarket, I thought it was necessary to check out the beer aisle. I know my regular supermarket’s beer aisle like the back of my hand – but this was a change as I had gone somewhere different! This made an exciting trip as I could check out new beers that I had not seen before.

skeleton blues
Lovely looking can, nice font and great colours

I was drawn to the can above for two reasons – firstly the awesome design on the can – really trendy and bright, and secondly because it is a wheat beer. I find that this category give a zing that is unique to them and always transport me back to drinking Erdinger in the sun, whilst in Germany.

I got home, popped this in the freezer to speed up the cooling process, in order for me to get my hands on it quicker! It poured lovely into one of my Belgium glasses with a deep amber colour. It had the typical classical scent of a wheat beer – which kickstarted my salivary glands.

I took my first sip, let it sit for a few seconds and then swallowed. The initial thought that went through my mind was that it was very, very smooth. There were lemony notes at the end and I am delighted to be adding Skeleton Blues to my regular library.

This brewery (Stewart Brewing) have produced some excellent beers and I will keep an eye out for their different varieties when I am looking to try something new.

Rating 4.0/5

Pros: Great style, classic wheat beer notes, current and smooth

Cons: Selected supermarkets and shops only (though once you know where to look then that isn’t a con!)

PS – I might have another one of their cans ready in the fridge, keep an eye out for more details.

Thoughts are greatly appreciated and if you want to find out more/where to pick this up give me a shout via the contact page

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