Cubanisto by Broken Barrel Brewing Co ABV: 5.9%

Hello again beer lovers!

Went to work today knowing that my partner and I were having chili con carne tonight for dinner. I love Mexican food, cerveza and the party aspects that I associate with the long, golden Mexican beaches and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead) festival.

I had one of these beers stashed away in the back of the fridge and felt that it definitely fit with tonights meal. I cracked it open using my beer bottle opener on the wall and started to reflect on a busy day (as most of us now our in such hectic lives). I took afresh lime out of the fridge and popped a wedge in.

I’ve always found that cerveza suits a good punch of lime. It really adds to this beer and brings it to life. A tip for being able to keep the lime at the top of the bottle is to make sure that the wedge takes a bit of effort to stick in the bottle initially. Then when drinking, almost take a bite of the lime and suck the drink. This usually keeps the lime in place as you then get a nice hit of lime in each mouthful – which is SO much better than dumping the lime in the bottle. 2/3 of the way through you can flip it over just for an extra fresh hit of lime, as the top half has worn a bit thin.

Liqour inspired beers can be a bit hit of a miss, though this one remains playful. Its colourful design and pattern on the bottle is great fun and you certainly get notes of a sweet rum. It’s soft on the palate, though I really believe that the sharoness and sourness of it really brings it to life.

It paired great with the mexican night and it’s something that I would have again!

Rating 3.25/5

Pros: Good if you’re going for a mexican theme or like a wee tickle of rum from time to time

Cons: I seriously can’t stress that lime is needed with this – it’s dull without it

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