Cloudwater vs Brewdog New England IPA v2 ABV: 8.5%

Formalities aside – and they have to as I need to get straight into this review.

Collabarations are bold. Not only is one brewery putting their name on the line, it joins another in an attempt to attract new customers and push boundaries. Each brewery will have their own moto and desires that they strive to achive when crafting a new beer. In this instance the desire for Brewdog to continue creating hardcore beers in addition to Cloudwater’s longing and niche to bring modern, seasonal beers to the market should start the salivation process. Well, for myself anyway being such a fan of both breweries.

When I got the initial promotional email regarding this limited edition beer I knew it was something that I had to purchase. I have missed out on promotional items (not only beer!) in the past and you kick yourself when you finally get round to it and realise the opportunity was missed.

On this occasion I went bold. Cracking 660ml in size bottles were the only size that was being sold. Reading the description I was confidently optimistic. So I got four – without getting too ahead of the review…… I made the right decision.

The beer is special. It’s unique with its flavour. Despite a delivery of approximately 30 beers (26 different ones to be precise), I insisted that one of these got in the fridge first. Once chilled it was popped open and the weight within the cold, large glass bottle felt great and rewarding following a tough day’s work. I study the bottle which is beautiful – gorgeous colours and a bold font, that if present on the supermarket shelves, would jump off them and into customers trolleys.

I performed my usual tasting routine. Take a seat on the couch, be nice and relaxed and take approximately half a mouthful. I hold it steady on the palate for about 6-7 seconds and then swallow. It tastes beautiful. I have a second drink just to confirm, of which I close my eyes so that there are no external distractions.

The primary description of this beer is of citrus and tropical notes. I am delighted to confirm that these are present in abundance. It has huge a zesty-ness to it which I often feel are missed when other beers promsie this via the lable. There are subtle complimentary notes of pine and spice which are then washed away by further bags of citrus bursts on your tongue. Oh I think following drinking this 660ml bottle that I’ve not mentioned it’s strength – 8.5%! WOW It’s fantastic, good hit of alcohol but not overwhelming the building block flavours of this IPA.

Seeing as I havve bought four of these…….. I need to choose the exact moment perfectly. I’ll most likely only ever get to consume this bottle four times and I have to make it worth it. I’ll likely share one or two with close friends that love beer and then there’s going to be the final bottle which will be for a special celebration  e.g. new job or big step in life. I can’t think of anything better than enjoying a big bottle of New England IPA v2……….. Here’s to the next time already!

Rating 4.5/5

Pros: Huge flavours and decent alcohol content – really delivers on what it promises

Cons: Limited edition so you have to get it quick, draught availabily is not common (still looking!) and it does have a fairly substantial pricetag on it’s head – though if you can I would say that it is more than worth it.

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