Truth by Rhinegeist Brewery, ABV: 7.2%

Time for a new beer!

I’ve never had this beer before and not only that – it was very different to the majority of beers that I have been sampling recently! I recently purchased this from an online site following the properties of the beer – dry American IPA, with Centennial, Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe hops. It’s got great reviews on untappd (see side widgetes for more details on their app – which I thoroughly recommend for keeping tabs on previously tried and tested beers and for even more ideas on what to try next!)

With a high average rating, IPA and 7.2% this was easily added to my basket – for the full beer box delivery see the photo at the top of the page – not going to lie…. it was a seriously good postal day! I popped this in the fridge a couple of weeks later on a night where I knew I was going to be able to sit back, with good TV and sample a few neew cold ones.


This one is interesting to say the least – nice looking can, with an interesting logo which relates to the translation “ghost of the Rhein”, which refers to their place in the historic over-the-Rhein brewery district in Cincinnati. I cracked the can open and poured it into one of my favourite glasses. I took a sip and was initially unsure about it. I had previously sank a couple of tropical-esque beers prior to this and was taken aback by the dominant flavour. It was smooth and bright in texture and I was unable to place the taste at first. Then I realised that this beer tasted more “savoury” compared to my recent sweeter beers. I could almost taste essence of potato!

The beer was enjoyable, though I think I’d get more out of it if I was having it with a meal.


Rating 3.0/5 (this may be subject to change once tried with a savoury meal)

Pros: Different (in a good way), lots of flavour and given this I am more than happy to try some more from this brewery

Cons: likely to be preferred with a savoury meal (it was a bit strange having it after a few sweeter beverages

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