Hazy Jane by Brewdog ABV: 7.2%

Morning fellow beer lovers!

Time for a quick update. Following my recent online order, it was time to sample this limited edition beers by one of my favourite breweries – Brewdog! Take a click on the link if you want to purchase this beer (note that it is only going to be availb efor the next couple of weeks – so act fast.

This is described as a Vermont IPA, full of juicy stonefruit notes, with some hints of lime peel. Coming out of the fridge, popping the lid, it was clear that this was going to live up to Brewdog’s exceptionally high standards. It smelt like a typical IPA and it had some bitter notes to it too. It poured well with an amber colour and cloudy in nature.

It was silky smooth to drink and went down very smoothly. Safe to say one can wasn’t enough that night and this was pleasently enjoyed.

Rated 4.0/5

Pros: bit of a twist with stonefruit being the predominant flavour compared to the ever so popular citrus and tropical IPAs at present. Big flavour and good percentage

Cons: Seasonal availability and will be gone in just a couple of weels – so catch it before it disappears!

Have a great day guys – comment on what beer you’re going to be having next and any new brews that you’ve been lucky enough to try, give me a heads up!

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