Palate Wrecker by Green Flash Brewing Co, ABV: 9.5%

Surprise, surprise! Another IPA from me! I’m really glad to be able to tell you guys about my most recent drinking adventure. Before I go into things in depth, I must say….. I love this beer’s name. Palate Wrecker. It’s bold and current with connotations that relate to strength and big flavours which was making me salivate even before I had whipped the cap off.

This was my first time purchasing a Green Flash Brewing Co beer and I hadn’t heard of them prior to this. Their logo is completely synonymous with their name and provides the perfect descripte icon. The label is traditional in terms of bold and succinct. You know exactly what you’re getting from the start and don’t need to hunt around the back of the label to figure out the details of what should be your next brew.

Having researched this beer it was clear that hops were going to be a dominant force – they are used in every aspect of brewing this! It is a double IPA so strength was expected and with big mixes of Centennial and Colombus hops I was expecting a bitterness – another example is Truth by Rheingest.

palate wrecker
apologies that the picture is quite dull!

Chilled in the fridge I eagerly removed the lid with the wall beer opener and poured it into a rounded glass. These are my absolute favourite style of glass at the moment. I took the first sip and I noticed a warmth secondary to the alcohol with a wave of bitterness that comes over your palate at the end of the drink. Nice bold crips flavours and ao bitterness that would pair lovely with a weekend lunch. I would definitely have this again and I am really keen to keep an eye on their other brews – an example being Passion Fruit Kicker which sounds phenomonal and right up my street!

Rating 3.75/5.0

Pros: Nice change to have bitterness with an IPA these days – would pair well with a meal

Cons: For newbies that haven’t been exposed to many double/tripel brews – be careful!

Let me know your thoughts and what your drinking! Always on the lookout for new brews 🙂

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