How to have beer in Brussels

Bit of a different post to my usual updates, but I ju1st want to let you know something really cool and novel. I was recently on a city getaway for a few days (Birthday treat from a super awesome partner) and got to experience the vibrant, buzzing city of Brussels. The beautiful Grand Place is spectacular (and even more impressive if you manage to actually get a bit of sunshine)!

Whilst wandering the Grand Place, I took a detour and wandered down one of the many corner streets. Brussels is known for three things – its characteristic architecture, chocolate (oh my, the to-die-for chocolate) and most importantly…….. BEER! I had passed many bars, with drink menus multiple pages long and then I stumbled upon this little gem…

It’s called Taste this Beer (take a peek at the company’s Facebook page) and that is exactly what this place gives you – a place to taste multiple beers. Perhaps best considered as the “Pick n’ Mix Palace of Beer”!

When we arrived, an animated and incredibly friendly owner keenly showed us how the process worked…

The first thing you notice when you walk in to the building, is the vast number of beer taps. It goes as far as you can see initially, then when you peer round, you notice an additional section up a couple of stairs with even more! The owner takes you to the first tap and provides a helpful demo.

A line of taps all the way to the back of the building!

At each set of taps there is a screen, which can be displayed in Dutch or English – here it will give you a picture of the beer, a brief description (including ABV %, brewery and name), plus in-depth detail characterising the flavour and giving background information on the brewery and interesting facts about the beer! The first drink was complimentary and the lovely host showed the optimal way of pouring the drink and how to use the system.

The system worked via a PAYG card – you purchase one, pop it next to the screen of the tap you want to try and pour to your heart’s content! You are charged per ‘ll, so as you sample, your preloaded card value diminishes, but by trying just a little of each, you can experience many different varieties! I put €20 on the card (the recommended amount).

The place isn’t for sitting down with a couple of full glasses – it’s a place to experiment with new beers and try lots of different varieties before then finding a bar/supermarket which serves your favourites!

Each quick pour would cost about 25 cents. With approximately 40 different beers on offer, between having tried some previously and sensible descriptors warning me off beers that I knew I wouldn’t enjoy, I was able to sample approximately 25-30 with a wee bit extra left for my most loved! I would recommend going with a friend and if you are wanting to try everything in house I suggest loading €30 on the card – great if split with someone.

Cheers and until next time!

It is a great way to spend a good hour or two, with some tables to sit at for relaxation with friendly company. No place I have ever found makes exploration so convenient- perfect for newbies trying to find their favourite types and connoisseurs alike! I had never come across anything like this before and I think the concept is fantastic. If you ever go to Brussels – definitely go in – the beers change regularly and you will be well looked after by a delightful owner.

I can’t recommend this local Brussels attraction highly enough – a great way to spend a few hours in a vibrant city filled with character and a huge variety of phenomenal beer.

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