Elvis Juice by Brewdog ABV: 6.5%

This was following my instagram live video feed – thanks to Real Beer Revolution for the suggestion.

I was in the local supermarket and I wasn’t sure what my next beer was going to be. With the technology of the 21st century on my side, I got my phone out and allowed the internet to decide via live video feed! This was a bit risky as there were a few beers on the shelves that I’d tried and had been a bit of a letdown.

Real Beer Revolution commented first and I was thrilled to say they picked a cracking drink! I’d tried this one previously and knew that I was going to happily enjoy it again. I love Brewdog beers as they generally have excellent taste; seriously smooth, pack a punch in flavour and don’t hold back when it comes to strength. Their bars have a chilled atmosphere, plus the staff are always friendly and, importantly, incredibly knowledgeable – they are able to describe the available beers in huge detail as well as make appropriate recommendations based on what you like.

Yum yum yum
Pour, Drink, Enjoy, Repeat!

I popped this american IPA in the basket, got home and set it aside in the fridge. That evening, when the time was right, I sat back with this freshly chilled beverage. On the nose you can smell grapefruit in abundance and it delivers in taste too. The sweet, chilled beer tastes fantastic and has a lovely dark orange colour complimenting its flavours. I personally have never heard anyone speak badly about this beer. It delivers so well in texture, sweetness, freshness and is so bold; I find it ever more difficult not to pick up again and again and again. If it weren’t for my desire to investigate all of the wonderful beers out there, I would happily “settle” – of which I am using here in its loosest of forms – for this.

Rating: 4.5/5. Cracking IPA. Any BrewDog fans who haven’t tried it must rectify this immediately. It is also a strong start for any newbies. I’m sure you won’t regret it – it drinks so easily. Let me know your thoughts about Elvis Juice as well as what else everyone is drinking and favourite recommendations! Comment or e-mail me with suggestions or queries for our next beer adventure. Drink On.

4 thoughts on “Elvis Juice by Brewdog ABV: 6.5%

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  1. Definitly a really good brewery. I hope this one shows up for sale in Canada one day. Maybe if the new American Brewdog Brewery distributes to here I may be in luck.


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