Banana bread beer by Charles Wells Brewery ABV: 5.2%

After a long, hard week at work, I love the thought of being able to relax with a great board game or an awesome tv line-up and enjoy a few fresh, chilled beers.

I have now tried a significant proportion of beers from my two most immediate supermarkets – I am aware of the current availability, including the final few beers that I have yet to try… I know these aisles very well!

To my surprise though, on arrival home from work on Friday, the kitchen island had four brand new beers on it! My face lit up with excitement immediately at the gift from my fantastic partner! I thanked her and she proceeded to explain why each had been chosen. Three were from breweries that I had never heard of before and one was a different beer from a company that I’ve had consistent success with! The beer that I was immediately drawn to was the banana bread since it sounded so unique. It comes from the Charles Wells Brewery; fun fact,  for nearly 110 years now, all the beers it produces uses its own certified mineral water!



Sorry for the tangent there……. now back to business. Later in the evening (once I had built on my brown properties in Monopoly – yeah….. I didn’t win….) I cracked this bottle open. We had a couple of friends over and one of the guests commented “Oh I’ve seen that before and have really wanted to try that!”. The mood at the table peaked with curosity as everyone was wanting a taste of this new brew. It’s aroma was strong with banana, which was encouraging. I took my first sip and…………. banana! Banana bread was in abundance and it really shone through in this otherwise light, slightly malty beer. The banana was a sweet addition and the “bread-ness” added a savoury note, which helped restrain the beer from being overwhelmingly sweet. Wheat beers  often have “banana flavours” in their description, but I rarely feel that these come to fruition. I am pleased to say that this brew delivers what it describes – Charles Wells Brewery have done well! A beer like this could have been a “novelty beer” that tasted artificial or just didn’t deliver, but the brewery has really paid attention to the flavours and have created a light, well-rounded beer. This is certainly a beer that I would have again. At 5.2% ABV the strength is no where overwhelming and this beer delivers on what it’s main premise, without being a gimmick.

Wells Banana Bread Beer

Rating: 3.5/5. Having tried this beer, I am now more interested in other fruit-beers to see how they compare. Certainly one to be tried if you find it in your local supermarket. With this being my first drink from Charles Wells Brewery, I’ll definitely be on the look out for their other creations.

Keep me updated with your news beers and let me know your favourites. Comment your thoughts and send me suggestions for future beers.

Beer out!


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