Brewgooder Clean Water Lager ABV: 4.9%

Hello again beer lovers! Today’s beer is a lager, with a heartwarming story. Brewgooder is a company whose policy is putting 100% of the company’s profits into clean water projects around the world! How amazing is that? Their aim is to provide one million people with access to clean water. See the link above for more information.

I first tried a draught taster of this beer when in my local brewing shop. I had never heard of the company prior to this, but as soon as I found out that it was a non-profit organisation that ploughed it’s money into good causes, I found that my hand was already rummaging for my wallet. I took a growler home with me and popped it aside for the right time!

Lagers have a special spot in my heart and within my beer journey – these are the first beers I started to enjoy when I was introduced to alcohol by my dad and it made up the bulk of the booze I drank during my university days. I enjoy  lagers as they usually have a crisp, clean nature with a lightess to it that other types fail to achieve. They taste great on a hot day, though I find that there appears to be less diversity across the board when comparing lager to lager. Nonetheless, this Brewgooder lager obviously stood out due to its selfless premise – as if I needed another excuse to buy more beer!

Fantastic Brewdog growler purchase – I can always bring my favourite beers home!


The time to unleash the growler had finally arrived. It had been left to chill – removing a cold, one litre vessel from the fridge always excites me… It’s great that having draught beer at home is becoming more accessible – the growler system is gaining popularity. I find that Lagers are always better as draught anyway – it provides that smooth balance which pairs excellently with the light nature of the beer.






With Brewgooder brewing at BrewDog, it was obligatory that I had this beer in one of my many BrewDog glasses.

The growler released a bright, blonde beer which had a lovely zing to it. Upon pouring, a white foam head developed and notes of lemon were evident on the nose. The first sip of this was strange; I could taste lemon, plus another flavour on my palate, but I couldn’t quite place it initially… not due to the alcohol – I promise! After a few more mouthfuls it hit me – it has an essence of bread to it, which was lovely!


The beer remained light in nature and maintained a good head on it, all the way to the base of the drink. The next pint was quickly consumed thereafter and it had a sentimental value knowing that the profits from the company are directed back into worthwhile causes.



Rating: 3.25/5. Brewgooder Clean Water Lager combines both it’s taste and morals in the title. A heartwarming foundation, formed around a refreshing, light beer. I’ve found that some local supermarkets in the UK sell this variety, so keep an eye out for it.

Thanks for reading – follow the blog to find new beers to try and send me your pictures of your brews! Comments appreciated 🙂

PS: If anyone disapproves of you putting this beer in your basket/trolley then please reply with either of the following:

  1. Dr Beer prescribed it.
  2. It’s for charity!


3 thoughts on “Brewgooder Clean Water Lager ABV: 4.9%

Add yours

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I love the idea of a non profit brewery.

    Personally I fell out of love with the standard Yellow lager when I got into Craft Beer but everyone’s journey is different and that makes it so much better.

    So weird to hear growlers are catching on there as in North America they are loosing their luster these days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah – I am certainly more of an IPA man now and actually don’t drink anywhere near the same amount of lager that I use to. That’s really interesting to hear – the concept is growing here, but unless there is a high enough variety I can see it quickly fading out. Sometimes the price can be an issue – because if I’m paying nearly the same for a pint as I would in a pub, I’d rather have 2-3 different beers in such environment for a similar price.


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