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And breathe…….. It’s been a long few weeks; lots of shifts with tonnes of hours. Now I can finally relax. These are my thoughts as I sit down to two new Thornbridge beers. The two beers that I was about to try stood out when I was on my beer run as they each advertised a different fruit within their description. One being cucumber (google it if you think it’s a veg!) and the other peach.


Jaipur – my quick intro to Thornbridge beers

I’ve previously had a Thornbridge beer, about 2 months ago approximately, whilst with family in the city centre. It was called Jaipur and I have to thank 010beerblog for the suggestion.

Jaipur was a great beer; very citrusy and is a complex beer that has won over 100 awards worldwide.  It has huge, hoppy aromas and tastes which always appeals to me. There are great flavours of citrus, which eventually fade to a pleasant combination of both honey and a well-balanced bitterness that work to displace the sweetness. This IPA is certainly worth trying and I would rank it amongst the top 10 IPA’s I’ve consumed over the last year.  Having been produced via 6 different hops, a complexity exists making you want to return for more… With this in mind, exploring other Thornbridge beers rapidly became a priority!

Rating: 4/5. Jaipur is my kind of beer; citrusy, sweet and hoppy. One which I expect to return to regularly.



During my recent beer stock up, my eye was caught by Thornbridge’s familiar and simple design. Having had such a positive experience from this brewery before – it was easy to persuade myself to try another couple of their beers.

This evening, after coming home at the end of a long weekend of working, I sat down to a curry and this cucumber ale. It is described as a pale/golden ale. Given the typical pattern of beers I have been drinking at present (tropical/citrus fruits), I was surprised at their choice of core ingredient – the cucumber. When I poured the brew, only the slightest amount of foam was produced. It was a light amber in colour and I could see right through the glass to the plate of poppadoms awaiting me and then it clicked – cucumber is usually in raita! This should pair quite well!

Curry and a beer – always a winning combo

The Beer wasn’t particularly flavourful; however, initial tastes were light, crisp and refreshing. The biggest hit of cucumber came through at the end, which was actually ideal for washing away the intense heat of chilli, but in no way compromised the meal.

Rating: 2.75/5. On its own, I don’t think it has the biggest hit of flavour; however, its clean, light, crisp notes paired extremely well with a spicy curry. Wye by Thornbridge Brewery is a perfect companion to a meal with more complexity.



Second of the night was an IPA style, showcasing the peach. Stone fruit is becoming a common flavour within IPA brews and I think the reason why it works so well is due to the sweetness of stone fruits complimenting the bitterness that these ales often finish with. This being my third beer from Thornbridge, I noticed that the labels all display the same image – one of the statues in the grounds in Thornbridge Hall, Peak District, where this brewery began and remains to this day. Whilst the labels vary in colour, the continuity of the statue matches the continuity of the high-quality beer within each bottle – their desire to make great craft beer always comes through in their products.

Melba has a peach coloured ring background on the bottle front (unsurprisingly given that the brew heroes the peach). It pours a bright colour, similar to the label itself, but would be described as a cloudy beer. A soft white foam head is produced, remaining for much of my drinking time – this made a nice change given that many beer-tops have subsided within a mere couple of minutes recently. I took in the aromas – peach was certainly dominant, and upon further consumption, it continued to power through! A smooth bitterness crept in at the end. It reminded me of a recent BrewDog beer called Hazy Jane that I thoroughly enjoyed. The main differences between the two would be that Thornbridge’s was smoother, lighter in texture and slightly more subtle. Hazy Jane was also cloudier than Melba (but I assume this was the intention of BrewDog given the name of the beer)!

Melba, peach in colour, aroma and flavour!

Rating: 3.75/5. Melba is a strong contender for one of the best stone fruit beers I’ve had this year. It states its promise of peach from the beginning with the label and then it delivers. I would definitely have this again.


Overall, my experience of Thornbridge Brewery beers has been successful thus far! I will keep an eye out for them on my travels and I’ve noticed that their website contains lots of varieties that aren’t available locally to me! *Adding to my online shopping basket………*

Thanks for reading and let me know the best beers you’ve had recently! Keep up to date with the subscription button for my future posts.

Beer on!

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