Tropical Forres by Speyside Brewery 4.9% ABV

This is just a quick update guys. I had my new beer fridge fully stocked, ready to go. I asked my partner to pick out a new sample from said fridge and she happily brought me the most colourful and interesting brew there was! I had recently picked this beer up during the weekly grocery shop. This one caught my eye for two reasons:

  1. It is a New England IPA, of which I have had some fantastic varieties
  2. Its bright colours on the logo, almost rainbow-esque, made this product standout amongst its competitors (hint hint at the new, useless, BBC Apprentice candidates!)

The can was nicely chilled – Speyside Brewery recommended serve is at 12°C (that’s nearly 54°F). Mine was served a few degrees below this. I admired the bottle, the text promising tropical flavours such as mango would dominate the beer. I popped the top and let the pale amber beer “settle” in my Delirium Tremens glass – I was even generous enough to give my partner a sip given that it was her recommendation!

Speyside Brewery Tropical Forres
Colourful beer, great drink, oh and a cheeky bottle of gin – The Botanist – in the background!

The beer itself was reminiscent of other New England IPA’s that I’ve had. I have been very fortunate with this style recently, thoroughly enjoying almost all beers of this kind. I took in the deep, tropical scents of this brew. On first taste, it was very smooth and tonnes of tropical fruit flavour hit you initially, before a smooth bitterness comes in at the end. It’s refreshing, easy drinking and if another of these beers had been in my fridge – I would have opened it straight after!

Rating: 3.5/5. Tropical Forres by Speyside Brewery was a great beer that I would happily have again. Produced in my home country, I am eager to seek out some of their other varieties such as ‘Bow Fiddle Blonde’ and ‘Moray IPA’. I’m sure you’ll see these reviews cropping up soon!


Thanks for reading – hope you are finding some awesome beers out there!


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