Chiron, by Thornbridge Brewery ABV 5%

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Coming in from nightshift, tired after a long, hectic night, it was time for bed! I managed to get a couple of hours of rest before it was time to get back up and into normal daytime functioning… whatever that was. With heavy eyes, I trundled down the stairs into the kitchen, where my partner was awaiting with a surprise. Following a quick catch up, she took the beer out of the fridge and handed it to me – “to celebrate your night shifts being over for the week” she said. I was happy, excited and thankful all at the same time. I took a closer look at the beer, with the ever-so-memorable logo of Thornbridge brewery at the centre of the label. Having recently reviewed other beers from this brewery, I was pleased to have the opportunity to try a new variety. This time the background was a deep green, like I’d expect the hedgerows of Thornbridge Hall to look like. Then in contrasting yellow capital letters stood proudly the name “CHIRON”. A bold name, taken from Greek mythology as the wisest and justest of all centaurs. Would this beer be able to stand tall and proud amongst other recent consumptions? Were the creators Thornbridge wise whilst producing this beer?

Later that evening, following dinner, I took out the pale ale – it poured a deep golden colour with just a touch of white foam head. This quickly dissipated prior to me settling down on the couch. Aromas of spice and citrus arose from the beer, which matched its description. Upon first sip of the beer, I took the cold liquid and let it sit on my palate for a couple of seconds. It is what I would describe as a “juicy beer”. This keeps you wanting more and leaves you salivating. Not only this, but there is a tang from the tart fruit flavours that are packed into this brew in abundance. This finally phases through to a minimally bitter, biscuit malt base, which lifts the beer to a new dimension.

Thornbridge Chiron
A lovely little pale ale

Rating: 3.75/5. Thornbridge Brewery continues to excel with respect to its beer varieties and ‘Chiron’ has performed well compared to similar competitors in this widely diverse field of pale ales. Tang and biscuit malts help to make this beer stand out and I would thoroughly recommend it.

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