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Firstly, I really want to thank Fourpure Brewing Co for the complimentary beers – I received a wide variety in the post and then added a couple of extras myself, from local supermarkets. Fourpure are a relative new brewery, founded in 2013. The name comes from their PURE-est respect of the FOUR key ingredients into making beer; grain, yeast, hops and water. Hence the name ‘Fourpure’! It was great to come home from work, via a trip to the postal collection office, to obtain a heavy box, filled with a variety of new beers. The box itself gave details about where this beer is made, before the gifts inside were even removed. The skyline of London is silhouetted around the box, with iconic landmarks such as the London Eye and the Shard instantly recognisable. I took the beers out of the packaging and was super excited by what I found…


Fourpure complimentray beers
Special delivery – definitely!


The first thing I noticed was the bright colours of the variety of cans standing proudly on the kitchen island. Some were quite tall, holding 500ml, whereas others were the more typical 330ml size you would see for most craft beers in store. The cans almost looked like energy drinks given the outer packaging. Matched with the brief descriptions on the back, the bright colours appeared to compliment the citrus fruit flavours that were provisionally promised within some of the brews.


Oh! Brief sideline – a major household appliance has been bought, installed and is being used in Dr Beer’s home… A brand-new beer fridge! It’s brilliant; now I can stock a wide variety of IPAs, stouts, lagers, ale, wheatbeers etc. Beers from all over the world can now be kept chilled at the same time, giving me a much wider selection when choosing my next beer (whilst also keeping my kitchen tidier as excess beers no longer need to be stacked on the floor). Before now, I would need to decide which beers to chill in advance of when I wanted to drink them; now I can keep all my purchases in the new fridge, allowing for much more spontaneous decisions! It was a semi-impulsive buy, though for the past couple of months I may have been taking up far too much space in our American-style fridge freezer. Apparently, it’s more important to keep milk and food in the fridge than the previous beer quota I had proudly awarded myself… Okay, okay, my girlfriend’s a saint!

Space set aside for even more beers

Anyway, back to Fourpure! By chance, this all occurred at the point I had annual leave, so I was able to spend a greater amount of time sampling the beers and building a comparative review. Prior to receiving the variety of beers in the post, I had seen their ‘Session IPA’ in my most local supermarket, which is what initially peaked my interest in the brewery. Given the fact that (thanks to their amazing generosity) I was going to try half a dozen of Fourpure’s beers I had never seen locally, it seemed only appropriate to top this up with another beer. This completed my line up of beers from Fourpure and I eagerly awaited this tasting experience.



The first thing that you notice is the striking nature of the can – its deep red base and black outer accents really stand out, particularly against the rest of the lighter coloured containers lining the bottom of the fridge. I took the brew and poured it into my tall Erdinger glass. Glass selection I feel is often overrated, but Fourpure have helped with the decision making – a fantastic feature on some of the cans is a recommendation of what type of glass the beer should be enjoyed in.

Fourpure Pils Lager

It was a light beer, straw colour in looks and inspired by German lager. It takes me back to the days of Interrailing, when draught beer was cheaper than soft drinks in a variety of continental European cities (I was travelling on a budget…). It was smooth in texture, very light in taste and was easy to consume.

Rating: 3.25/5. ‘Pils lager’ is light, fresh and brought back happy memories. Good start Fourpure!




The next beer was called ‘Beartooth’. It had a picture of brown bears, as if on the Rocky Mountains, and was labelled as an American brown ale. For those that aren’t aware, my current favourite styles are IPAs and other pale varieties (such as West Coast), but I am fussier with true “ales”. As such, this beer wasn’t quite to my taste. Dark on pouring, with a touch of a contrasting white head, but this didn’t offer any relief to take away from the bitterness in flavour.

Fourpure Beartooth
A bit dark for me – now onwards and upwards

Rating: 1.5/5. ‘Beartooth’ American Brown Ale was not for me; it was too bitter for my liking and given my aversion to many ales, I won’t be going back to this one.



Next up was a session IPA. Session beers go back to when workers were allocated drinking “sessions” during work. These beers are typically around 4% ABV, so the staff could have a few drinks and not be hungover/drunk when returning to work. When taking this principal into today’s society, a session beer is one that can be drank easily all night long! NOTE: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS – my recommendation of course is to try a wide variety of beers on such nights.

When I opened the bright, Caribbean ocean blue can, I was expecting tropical notes – so when scents of pineapple and citrus softly came through the golden beer, I was very enthusiastic to try it. The beer was easy to drink and soft in texture, but I feel that general hoppiness was all that came through on the palate, which meant this beer lacked the complexity of other recently consumed IPAs. Citrus was delivered hugely within the aromas, but failed to come through upon tasting.

Fourpure Session IPA
Good little session

Rating: 2.5/5. ‘Session IPA’ is a nice beer that I would have again. It’s toned-down compared to their other beers and given my current desires of finding new and exciting beers, I wouldn’t be drawn to it again quickly. It’s light, hoppy and pleasant, but not transformative.



Fourpure Easy Peeler
Bright in colour and in flavour

Having finally realised what a session beer was, it was time for another. Citrus, primarily tangerine, was the flavour promised. This excited me given my love of Brewdog’s ‘Tangerine style IPA’ – recent winner of the 2017 BrewDog Prototype challenge. It poured slightly darker than the citrus fruit and the smell of tangerine instantly came through. It was subtler than BrewDog’s tangerine beer, as it doesn’t smack you in the face and make you pucker your lips, but that’s okay, cause if I were to drink the beer for the whole night that would be overwhelming. Tangerine is rarely the hero in citrusy brews, so the originality of this drink made a nice change to other fruity beers!


Rating: 3.25/5. ‘Easy Peeler’ was a pleasant beer; subtle in nature, with a good flavour behind it.



Time for a big can! At 500ml (68ml less than a full UK standard pint), I eagerly awaited this. There was a zebra-like pattern on the bottle coming out from the orange which sits as the centre logo. Taking one of my larger beer glasses, I poured this beer (the darkest of the beers in colour apart from the American brown ale), into the Teku glass and a decent white foam head formed. With the glass not quite being large enough, a touch of liquid remained in the can – though not for long! The description spoke of mango, bitter orange and papaya. These come through well; whilst subtle initially, intensity soon builds and then a bitterness comes through at the end. This had a great force to it, which makes you want to keep going. It’s packed full of hops and zest – my kind of beer.

Fourpure Juicebox

Rating: 3.75/5. ‘Juicebox Citrus IPA’ was a very successful beer, which was delivered citrus in spades and had the complimentary bitterness coming through at the end – easily a top three beer from the selection sampled. I luckily had two cans of this in my new fridge and I can’t wait for the next one – thank you Fourpure!



Forepure Shapeshift west coast IPAThis is a west coast IPA – which is one of my current favourite styles see examples here. I think the general complexity of these beers (usually with a great deal of citrus paired with a mild bitterness), combined with a higher than average ABV compared to other IPAs, make them a perfect match for my palate. This was like a typical west coast IPA, but a bit tamer. Gorgeous can design combined with a deep gold liquid was poised to possess huge levels of citrus, mango and pineapple. Hops-a-plenty lay within, along with subtle notes of the aforementioned fruits and a dry bitterness rounding off the drink.

Rating: 3.25/5. ‘Shape shifter IPA’ was a lovely beer. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was just below par when compared to some recent beers with similar properties.



DOUBLE CITRUS IPA – Why am I even writing this? This is the beer for me. Mouth-watering, full of flavour and offers the satisfying strength I’ve become accustomed to with Double IPAs. Everything I would hope for in a beer.

Fourpure Deucebox
yum, yum, yum!

This was Fourpure’s best brew from my perspective. Topping over 8% in strength, I had a cheeky smile on my face during consumption, as if I was doing something prohibited. It poured a colour similar to that of the deep orange surrounding Fourpure’s logo (becoming ever more recognisable at this point). With it being the supercharged brother of ‘Juicebox Citrus IPA’, I noticed similarities in design when checking it in on the Untappd app – the black segments merely substituted by orange.  It is packed with tropical flavours from the start of the drink until the very last sip. I absolutely loved it.

Rating: 4.25/5. ‘Deucebox’ was my kind of drink. If you have similar preferences to myself, and as you read this you’re thinking “wow that sounds great!” then find your nearest supplier – I promise it will not disappoint!



Last, but not least. I say “last”, but truth be told, it was actually the first Fourpure beverage I consumed. I drank this as a celebratory toast to beginning annual leave! This was one of the best – easily in the top three of the beers available. Now, before you guys start to try and find it, I should tell you that you may have a challenge on your hands – it’s now out of stock on Fourpure’s website and I’m guessing it might be a seasonal beer, so it could be a long wait before this one comes around again.  However, a cheeky google search found it at ‘Honest Brew’, so snap it up quickly while it’s still available! This session IPA (yes, another session IPA – I feel like an expert in sessions now!) was appealing based on its description, promising passionfruit and mango. My taste buds were salivating as I opened the can. Chilled and ready, I poured it into my tall pint glass and a deep, cloudy golden liquid was decanted. A large white head was created, which settled upon drinking. The colour of the beer reflected the strong tropical fruit flavours, which also had a complimentary bitterness that I have become familiar with in IPAs.

Fourpure Southern Lattitude
This poured really well!

Rating: 3.75/5. ‘Southern Latitude’ was a fantastic way to start my Fourpure adventure and that’s why I let it complete the circle by being the final beer reviewed in this post. I would definitely recommend it to say the least, if you can manage to get hold of a can… or 4!



Fantastic variety and performance across the board from this team – I couldn’t recommend them any higher as a complete brewery. The theme and colour schemes across the cans were eye-catching and the beers within were hugely successful overall! I truly like the originality of the glass recommendation for the best drinking experience found on some of their beers. Now if only I had a Fourpure beer glass (complete with its standout logo), from which to consume their best brews!

Based in London, Fourpure Brewing Co. do the UK’s craft beer scene proud!

Having had these beers I am now on the hunt to discover more of their collection – a quick search has identified the following:

  • Indy Lager
  • Skyliner Wheat
  • American Pale

Well done on managing to survive to the end – have a beer to celebrate and post your pictures in the comments section below. Likewise, if you have any suggestions for future beers, give me a shout out via social media or use the contact page.






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