#collabfest2017……. part 2

As many of you will already know, #collabfest2017 was a fantastic event that was celebrated across 34 bars throughout the UK and other parts of Europe. A couple of days later, having a few hours off before picking my partner up prior to a movie trip, I went into my local BrewDog bar to stock up home supplies. I was hoping colllabfest beers still available, the primary reason why I had chosen to go in – I knew these unique beers wouldn’t be sitting in their respective kegs for long.

I managed to get parked nearby in a crowded city centre, and jumped out of the car with two empty growlers and a carrier bag for my new brews. I made my way to the bar, not long after it opening, just passed midday – to find empty booths and visible flooring at the same venue that had been packed a matter of days ago. I got to the bar, with its associated “take-out shop” standing proudly next to it, with a large variety of cans and bottles to take away, slipped my growlers over the counter to get rinsed and then selection time began. Yes, collabfest beers were listed on the board, ready on draught to go home with me!

A wide variety of beers were bought and are shown below – full reviews will be incoming as and when they are consumed!

Collabest beer run haul
Looking forward to trying these varieties

Tango In The Night

  • Partnering brewery: Unity Brewing Co
  • BrewDog partnering bar: Southampton
  • Type of beer: Black saison
  • ABV: 6%
  • Comments: This is the beer produced by collaborating with the BrewDog bar closest to my girlfiend’s home town, aware that it was a saison, I was nervous prior to consumption. I’ve have limited success with these beers as the “funkiness” which comes off these beers I find deterring from this style. As a result this was only a small taster. It was better than other saisons I had sampled – it had a warming spice, with a bitterness coming through from coffee and liquorice. This deflected some of the often overwhelming funk coming from the beer and balanced it well. I chose not to have it as a full growler, but glad I’ve tried it
  • Rating: 2.5/5.
Tango in the Night Brewdog collabfest
A little taste of Tango in the Night


Risk Cherry Stone

  • Partnering brewery: Risk Brewing
  • BrewDog partnering bar: Soho
  • Type of beer: Cherry sour
  • ABV: 6%
  • Comments: A completely new kind of beer for me. I have only recently got into sours and to make this even different – it was a still beer, with absolutely no head on it. I originally tried to order this the other day, though unfortunately it was off tap at that moment. It was sharp on tasting with complex properties. I got hints of marzipan and spice, along with the dominant cherry. It wasn’t an unpleasant beer, but it is one that I had to take my time with whilst drinking – makes a change!
  • Rating: 2.75/5.
Risk Cherry Stone
Risk Cherry Stone – a flat cherry sour

Dr Frank’s Happy Pils

  • Partnering brewery: BRLO
  • BrewDog partnering bar: Berlin Mitte
  • Type of beer: Pilsner
  • ABV: 7.5%
  • Comments: I absolutely love a German based pilsner – these beers often put the typical lager, lighter beers from the UK to shame. Poured into my tall German glass, I happily enjoyed this. The company’s moto is hilarious, but has a deeper meaning “Save the planet, it’s the only one with beer!”. This beer is diverse and contains tropical notes that I was not expecting – passionfruit and primarily mango humble your palate, with bright aromas bursting from the large foam head formed. Now this is a beer that I wish stayed long after #collabfest2017, oh well, at least I managed to get my hands on it briefly!
  • Rating: 3.5/5.
Dr Frank's Happy Pils
Dr Frank for Dr Beer, why not!?

Right readers – I’m sorry, but that’s all from me with regarding this year’s collabfest. Absolutely fantastic event and I hope that you get to experience the next one. I’ve got a funny feeling that it’s going to be even bigger and better. A beer lovers dream

Let me know your personal favourites from 2017’s line up

Dr Beer

Collabfest 2017

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