The Definite Last BrewDog Prototype 2017

I recently went into my BrewDog bar to restock my growlersfor #collabfest2017 part 2. Whilst my beer vessels were being filled to the brim, I headed to the store’s take-out shop, located conveniently to the side of the bar. I selected a variety of new beers, from multiple different breweries. Just as I was about to hand over my debit card, I noticed a familiar logo tucked away in the beer fridge behind the bar. It read “Prototype: Vienna Lager” in the characteristic prototype wallpaper, like a foundation’s blueprints.

I had heard about this beer through the grapevine and was surprised to see it in stores as I had not received an email about it – it was never advertised along with the other original prototype beers or the late addition of blonde ale. It wasn’t listed on the shop site either, so I was curious to find out more. I took a bottle and asked the staff member about it – he admitted it was a further later addition, as the Prototype event had been and gone (votes had been counted and the Tangerine Session IPA was crowned champion – great hit of flavour if you love citrus beers).

I didn’t hesitate for long when it came around to my next drinking evening. Mixed emotions were present on opening of this bottle; I was excited to try this new limited-edition beer, but it was finally going to be the end of 2017’s prototype challenge.

BrewDog Vienna Lager

At 5.2% ABV, it poured a deep gold in colour and looked great in my “pink elephant” Delirium glass. It accompanied me to the couch and some sweet notes bubbled from a thick foam head.

I took a first sip and it had a clean, crisp taste, which are often present within lagers. Flavours of bread dominated this beer and I found it far ‘maltier’ than typical lagers – which I really enjoyed. A small note of toffee remained at the end of the drink and left quite a dry finish. It was not as complex as the typical IPAs I’ve become fond of, though it did have a lot of character for a little lager!

Rating: 3.25/5. Prototype ‘Vienna Lager’ was a lovely brew that stood well amongst 2017’s stong lineup of Prototype Challenge competitors. It is something I would drink again, particularly if I were to have a couple of pints, as it is easy drinking, clean and light.

Keep me up to speed with your new beers.

Beer out

Dr Beer

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