American Ale by Fourpure ABV: 5.0%

Fourpure American Pale

In case any of you missed it, I recently reviewed A LOT of Fourpure beers; I had been sent a variety by the team and had a very positive experience overall. As such, when I came across the bold green can of their Pale Ale, it was added to my shopping basket instantly. This is one of their beers I had been keeping an eye out for, as I have a soft spot for American pale ales.

I took the chilled can from the bottom level of the fridge. I poured it into my Delirium Tremens snifter glass, which was excellent for trapping in the tropical aromas fizzing from the light amber beer. A 2cm white foam head sat on top, bubbling softly, but maintained its foam height. The tropical aromas were intense on the nose, yet were actually quite subtle on your palate; they were the brief initial dominance, but this was then replaced by a complex mix of citric hops and a savoury malt taste. Finally, the typical bitterness I have come to expect and enjoy followed. Overall, the beer was very light and infinitely moreish!



Rating: 3/5.0. ‘American Pale’ is easy-drinking, light and fresh; a great beer for a barbecue or on a warm summers day. I’m glad I managed to find this beer locally – Fourpure continue to deliver a high standard across their diverse range. I’m about to head to London for a few days, so I might try and visit the Tap Room, located at Fourpure’s brewery site!

This was the penultimate beer in the fridge, so it’s going to be time for a stock up soon. I’m going to go back to a place that has given me some great beers…. Grunting Growler!

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