Mango, Mango, Mango ABV: 4.5%

Since moving out to the suburbs, I’ve regretfully moved away from one of my favourite independent beer stores. Situated in the West-End of Glasgow, literally yards away from the front door of my old flat, I had worldwide beers available on my doorstop. ‘Grunting Growler’ is a perfect triad of;

  • The ability to buy fresh, draught beer that can be stored at home in your own Growler – perfect for having at your own convenience. The beers are from all over the world, representing a mix of diverse collaborations, from local to famous Belgian brewers.
  • Fridges packed with to the brim with diverse bottled/canned beers – something to suit everyone’s taste guaranteed.
  • A fantastic owner; he knows his beers inside out, is able to recommend specific brews to your palate and provides exceptional customer service!

These three key components created a beer store unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Thanks to ‘Grunting Growler’, bottles, craft cans and Growlers have stocked my fridge and kitchen units, creating a vast, wonderful, eclectic collection! Each time I visit, I never fail to find something new and exciting; one of the best ever beers I’ve ever had from this store was Bloody ‘Ell by Beavertown.

Tonight’s beer was a ‘Grunting Growler’ find that I was excited about. ‘Mango Mango Mango’, contained within my little 750ml Growler, I shared with my partner and my dad. I portioned the beer into a few glasses and handed it around. It poured a bright mango colour; who would have guessed that?! There was little-to-no head produced, but this didn’t prevent the aromas rising from the glass. The lack of foam head was typical of other sour ale varieties I have tried. On the nose, mango certainly dominates, allowing no doubt with regards to what the overwhelming flavour should be. On tasting, yes I was hit with mango initially, but sourness fizzled through and won the battle on my palate. It literally tasted like a bag of sour sweets! It was certainly a tart beer.

Dugges, Mango Mango Mango
A beer shared with my partner and my dad, hence the extra couple of glasses. Bought from Grunting Growler

Dugges, Swedish in origin, are known for producing big, bold flavours and this one certainly hit that brief. I’ve had a couple of other beers by this brewery and they continue to deliver lots of flavour. I hadn’t realised, until writing this review, that this was a collaboration with a brewery called Stillwater Artisanal – a microbrewery from the United States. Having had a positive experience with this brew, I will keep a look out for more of their work!

Rating: 3.0/5. ‘Mango Mango Mango’ was most definitely a sour ale, though it split opinions on tasting (for those that have not had many sour ales before, this could be a bit too sour, so beware!). Personally, I enjoyed it, but I feel that it should be renamed ‘Mango Sour Sour’ instead – a more accurate representation!



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