Edinburgh Pale Ale

A new day brings a new beer! Having recently had a few beers that originate thousands of miles away for Super Bowl LII, it was time to have one from closer to home. Edinburgh, the capital of the Scotland, is less than an hour away by train. This beer, EPA (Edinburgh Pale Ale), is produced by Inveralmond Brewery, which became part of the Innis & Gunn family in 2016. The latter bought the former and since then, the Perth-based brewery has undergone a huge £750,000 transformation in order to increase the amount of quality beer produced. I’ve had a few bottles from Inveralmond before, but this is my first formal review regarding this brewery.

The bottle is simple, with a landscape background, clearly labelled and the letters ‘EPA’ standing proud below the image. It had the tagline “Hoppy Vibrant Pale Ale”.

Having read this, I had to do some research! It turns out that Scotland’s brewing history is quite interesting *cough, cough, of course I already knew that, I’m Dr Beer*. Scottish beer was brewed in a more traditional process in comparison to the methodology used by its neighbours in England, and often used less hops than their fierce rivals. It turns out that Edinburgh were bucking the Scottish tradition and were using a similar amount of hops to their English counterpart breweries. Pale ales were being exported all over the world, via the East India Company – the term ‘India Pale Ale’ soon ensued, resulting in many beers today being commonly labelled with these three little letters…. I  P  A.

Anyway, brief history chat aside, time for the beer itself. It poured perfectly into my BrewDog pint glass. It was a light amber in colour, with a bright, firm, white foam head that stood approximately 1.5 inches tall. It was light and refreshing – some citrus notes to it, finishing with a biscuit-taste, though had no overly dominating flavours. This is a beer that I could I order in a bar and continue drinking pint after pint. This foam head actually lasted till the very last sip of this beer, without enhancement by swirling – something that I haven’t seen for a very long time from a non-draught beer! Very impressive!

Inveralmond EPA

Rating: 3.25/5. ‘EPA’ by Inveralmond Brewery, is certainly the best of their beers that I have tried to date. I believe that being linked with Innis & Gunn is going to take these brewers to the next level and I wish them every success. I’ll be sampling more along the way!

Dr Beer

PS: I’ve also tried Lia Fail and Golden Ale – click on the names to see them – and take a peek at my Untappd ratings

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  1. For some reason nothing happens when I try to “like” your posts.
    Also, in my experience smaller breweries become less good when they get bought up by big companies like Innis & Gunn, but I guess we can hope that doesn’t happen in this case..


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