Glory by Northern Monk Brew Co

Fresh from a long sleep post night shift, it was time to do my share of the household chores. Whilst cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that the contents of the beer fridge were looking quite minimal. After quickly progressing through domestic tasks, it was time to pick up my other half from work. Before doing this, nearby in the west end of Glasgow is my favourite craft beer shop, Grunting Growler. Not only does this place sell a wide variety of bottled and canned beers, it also allows customers to come in, sample some draught varieties from different breweries and take some home in a growler! It is essentially the best take-out ever, allowing you to try before you buy! *Must not forget to pick up my partner – must remember!*

I used to live right across the road from this exciting beer shop. I could see it from my old living room window and I must have been one of the first customers in the door when it opened. I watched the shop grow over its debutant 6 months and when I see the place now, nearly 2 years later, it has been utterly transformed. In spite of its revolution, two key things have remained static:

  1. The amazing owner
  2. The great quality beers

Prior to picking up my fiancée, I decided to catch up with the main man of Grunting Growler. He is a really friendly guy and so unbelievably good at his job – as I browse through his fridges, he is able to tell me all about his current stock and knows what to recommend based on my beer personal preferences. Not only this, he even knows my significant other and is able to select something for her too!

Upon chatting, we discussed a variety of topics; the transformation of the shop, his online adventures for the business’ new website and current beer preferences. Similar to myself, he is a big IPA guy, and has a fondness of sour beers too. Whilst catching up, I tried a sample of each beer available on draught in a mini plastic shot glass – just enough to get a feel. I had originally gone to the shop for two specific beers. One by Beavertown (which unfortunately he didn’t have) and another by Northern Monk Brew Co. The latter brewing company have released a new triple IPA called ‘Glory’, which I first found as I scrolled through my Instagram feed. I scanned the fridge, looking carefully for the characteristic Northern Monk logo and the angelic-white cans stood out proudly among the vast collection. I took one, along with a couple of other cans and popped them next to the draught taps. Then I noticed that he was selling ‘Glory’ on draught too! Absolutely brilliant!  I got a quick sample (it tasted as though it was going to be a winner) and got the smaller (750ml) growler filled. I initially was going to put the can back but couldn’t resist buying it after sampling the beer – it gave me one to spare once the growler was long-empty. Catch up completed and beers purchased, it was time to pick up my other half!

Northern Monk Brew Co, based in Leeds, England, is inspired by monks who brewed beer locally in the North of England hundreds of years ago. This brewery takes traditional values of producing good quality beers and modernises it with the ability to use complimentary ingredients sourced from near and far in combination with modern brewing technology in order to make the best beer possible!

A side note of this newly produced beer, ‘Glory’ ABV 10.5%: there is a contrasting stout, canned in black, called ‘Death’. This imperial brew at 12% ABV will certainly be turning some heads with respect to the big stout line up. Bold, strong names on this new super strength range! Let’s hope that these beers live up to expectations.

At home, a couple of days later, it was time to properly taste ‘Glory Triple IPA’. I had the two versions of the beer next to each other and decided that it was going to be the growler on this occasion, as this had the smaller shelf-life. I took the cap off, allowing the juicy, citrusy aromas to flood from the bottle top. It poured a hazy light amber colour with a short white foam head. I used the Teku glass as this would split a 750ml growler equally into two serves. This solitary glass alone was going to amount to 3.5 units, so it was probably a good idea that I wasn’t using one of my pint glasses!

Having enjoyed another of Northern Monk Brew Co. IPA’s (Heathen) and fresh from my shot preview at Grunting Growler, I was definitely optimistic about this one. The juicy aromas continued to rise from the glass and I couldn’t wait any longer. In the case of many DIPAs or other imperial beers I’ve sampled, the initial boozy hit can often be overwhelming; at 10.5% I was worried about experiencing that with this brew. I am pleased to say that this wasn’t the case. It started off with a huge punch of tropical and citrus flavours. Just as you are about to forget that you are drinking a beer, an IPA bitterness comes sweeping over the palate. Due to the strength of the beer, the taste-experience then finishes with a warmth lacking in many other IPAs, but this warming presence was not overwhelming or unpleasant. It drinks more like 6-7% ABV, so is very comfortable and easy to consume despite its double-digit strength.


Rating: 4.25/5. ‘Glory Triple IPA’ by Northern Monk Brewing Co. provided a truly joyful tasting experience. Full flavours and a great punch in strength make this an incredibly well-rounded IPA.

I am so glad that I not only got the growler (which is most certainly finished….) but also picked up the equivalent beer can, so it could be put aside to enjoy at a special moment in the future. If this ever turns up again on draught at Grunting Growler, I’m going to have to fill the 2L tank with this magic liquid.

What’s been your best double, triple or imperial beer?? Send me a comment or message Dr Beer or send me a tweet @drthebeerblog

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