Death II by Dead End Brew Machine

Grunting Growler continues to provide phenomenal beer. The owner knows me so, so well! This was my main thought as I drank this beer.

At the time, I was uncertain if I had made the right decision. I was stuck between two beers and two different sized growlers (First World problems); I was deciding between ‘Glory’ and ‘Death II NEIPA’. I chose the latter, as the triple IPA ‘Glory’ was actually available to purchase in a can from Grunting Growler’s well stocked fridges! Side note – do not confuse ‘Death II’ with Northern Monk’s opposite brew of ‘Glory’ – the imperial stout ‘Death’.

Two whole litres of ‘Death II NEIPA’ filled the bigger growler and it was safely placed in the back of the beer fridge. With the O2 having been extinguished upon filling, the beer is kept fresh for a good number of weeks as long as the growler remains unopened. Being able to buy a couple of growlers and have them at my own pace over the following month is ideal!

Dead End Brew Machine is another Scottish-based brewery. It is small in size and is primarily promoted on social media, without having its own formal website. ‘Death II NEIPA’ is the first beer that I have had from the brewery. Quick bit of trivia: at the time of writing, this beer has a rating of 3.91 on Untappd.

I opened the growler and filled a tall pint glass. It poured a hazy, light orange colour, with a strong 2 inch white foam head. The head even peaked above the rim of the glass, threatening to overspill. The haziness of this beer prevented any transparency in the drink, a feature I have commonly found in other NEIPA varieties. The smell that came from this beer was primarily tropical. Mango and passionfruit galore on the first sip which is understandably produced given that this beer contains real fruit (unlike most which contain fruit concentrates or essences instead). The proof is in the flavour, which is undeniably packed with these great exotic notes. A slight bitterness follows at the end, cleansing the mouth prior to the next drink. Consequently, I had another and another and another… Safe to say that this 2L growler was emptied within 48 hours.



Rating: 4.0/5. ‘Death II NEIPA’ has a powerful name. Benjamin Franklin is rumoured to have once said “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”; however, I can be certain that if you are a lover of the ever-expanding NEIPA variety, you are going to love this beer.


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