Baronscourt Brewing Co

Q: How long have you/the brewery been making beer for?

A: The brewery has been making beer for about 18 months



Q: What’s your favourite style of beer?

A: Adam – Favourite style of beer for myself would have to be milk stout, or stouts/porters in general I love the roasted barley, coffee and chocolate flavours you can get from them paired with the bitter finish.

John – Favourite style of beer would be IPA’s as the citrus and fruit flavours really hit the note, also the ability to experiment with new hops and adjuncts provides John with a great passion for tasting and brewing this particular style.



Q: If you could only have one of your brews for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? (I know it’s like picking a favourite child!)

A: For the both us we would choose The Last Stag Red Ale, simply because it’s a great beer and has taken so long to get the flavours working in tandem. The Last Stag was created to allow mass produced ale drinkers to see that there is so much more flavour that can be put into a pint of ale and that it can still be refreshing and not over powering. We use a lot of different flavours in the last stag such as caramel, biscuit, coriander and elderberry to name a few, but finding the balance where one flavour is not overpowering the other was quite difficult, but when we got it right we both knew it was worth all the hard work!



Q: You are in a supermarket, in the Beer aisle of course, what would you buy? (your wonderful beer isn’t on sale unfortunately!)

A: There are a few really good Irish micro breweries out there that are making some fantastic beers.

Adam – I’m a huge fan of a Cork based micro brewery called Franciscan Well, their red ale in particular is beautiful (Rebel Red) so i would certainly go for some of their beers.

John – as mentioned before John is big IPA fan and is very fond of Dead Pony Club by BrewDog. John has tried many different IPA’s but he always goes back to Dead Pony Club.

The unfortunate thing in Ireland we find is that we are really lacking a good craft IPA, when developing our own IPA (Pheasnt’s Hop) we went through so many different recipes and trail batches to eventually get want we wanted, which is actually a completely different take on the traditional IPA style, being darker and having some interesting malts to pair with the citrus and fruit flavours.



Q: What new flavour combination would you love to try/what new hops would you like to work with?

A: I’d love to try and brew a stout in a locally sourced craft whiskey cask and try some vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavours in there. I think it would be the sort of thing you could have fun with. Most whiskey and stout drinkers love their drinks together in the chaser fashion, so I’d be interested in making a sort of hybrid of the two, and aim it towards a high ABV%, something like 17% so it’s there to be savoured and enjoyed not tipped back and swallowed.



Q: What brewery you would like to collaborate with and why?

A: For us the dream collaboration would be with BrewDog. They are the guys that really started the craft beer revolution and they are still making new and exciting beers. So yeah it’d be great to meet them and do something cool along with them.


Thanks to Adam from Baronscourt Brewing Co, based in Northern Ireland, follow these guys on twitter to keep up to date with their beer news

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