Triple IPA by The Garden Brewery

Following the success of ‘Milkshake IPA’, I decided to sample another beer from this great Croatian brewery. It wasn’t until I picked up this can that I realised both these brews were under the same line-up: “Experimental Series”. The cans have a simple yet striking design, with a portion of the can covered in a graph paper/blue print design, linking well with the series’ name. This was the third and my final beer from this series – the others were ‘Milkshake IPA’ which was brilliant and ‘Yakima HBC 522 IPA’, which was nowhere near the same quality as the ‘Milkshake IPA’. The set was bought from “Wee Beer Shop” in Glasgow.

Mandatory ‘Triple IPA’ Facts

  • Beer rating on Untappd is 3.88 (at time of writing)
  • IBU 104
  • ABV: 10.4%
  • Style: IPA (Triple!)
  • Beer tagline: “Deceptively drinkable Imperial IPA with a huge hop punch”

On pouring, the beer was a dark burnt amber in colour, with the thinnest of heads that had already dissipated by the time I had turned around to grab my phone. This was not particularly surprising as I’ve found that stronger IPAs rarely produce a significant foam head. It smelt surprisingly sweet – the simplest way I can describe this is as ‘an IPA on steroids’. It was full of hops and bright in flavour. Pine and citrus were the initial flavours, characteristic of the west coast American hops used. The hops have an intense flavour which is achieved due to the process of dry hopping (adding dried hop pellets to the vessel post boiling) – this gives the greater, “hoppier” taste.

Usually an IPA’s bitterness comes through at the end. This is flipped on its head with ‘Triple IPA’, as bitterness actually dominates the earlier tastes. With an IBU of >100 (above this level, further increases in bitterness aren’t distinguishable on the human palate), I was expecting an overwhelming, deep bitterness. I was pleasantly surprised however, as the bitter edge of the beer was very complex, but it was able to navigate the taste sensation from the initial citrus flavour to the final sweetness. The sweetness came in the form of a deep caramel-esque flavour, reminiscent of boiling sugar being taken to its very end-point just before burning and becoming bitter. I am really impressed with this beer and it will be stored in my memory with other strong (both in quality and ABV!) drinks that I’ve had recently.


Rating 4.0/5: ‘Triple IPA’ was another great beer by The Garden Brewery. With an ABV in double digits, care should be taken not to drink this too quickly! This final instalment of the brewery’s “Experimental Series” made me long for more brews. Experiments don’t last forever, but they are necessary to generate data and create results – I hope that The Garden Brewery realises ‘Triple IPA’ and ‘Milkshake IPA’ were great experimental results and choose to keep these beers in production!


Outcome of the “Experimental Series”?


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