Saazi Ness by Loch Ness Brewery

It’s only been a few months since I last had a beer from Loch Ness Brewery; I’ve previously enjoyed “Light Ness” and “Hoppy Ness”. At that point, I had just finished a set of night shifts and was working (now technically drinking) on very little sleep. Fast forward a couple of months and I was drinking this beer on my day off before a set of night shifts, almost full-circle-esque! Tonight’s beer was “Saazi Ness”. For more information on their other beers I’ve sampled, take a look here.

Mandatory “Saazi Ness” Facts:

  • Untappd Rating: 3.37 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Style: Bohemian Lager

I took the beer from the fridge and popped the cap. A large bubble came from the head of the glass which didn’t pop until I inverted the glass bottle. As the bottle was 500ml, it poured well into a pint glass. The beer, made with Scottish Highland water, was a transparent, light-golden colour. It had a multitude of bubbles streaming to the top of the glass where they disappeared into the small white foam head. The foam head was almost entirely absent by the time I got around to first tasting the beer, but it looked nice whilst it lasted! Few scents arose from the beer, though that did not surprise me, as this is often the case with lagers. On tasting, a slight touch of lemon comes through, likely from the “Saaz” Croatian hops. This citrus flavour is then washed away by soft and savoury tastes, coming from the Pilsner malts used. A very light beer, typical of a lager, and very easy to drink on its own. Whilst drinking, I admired the bottle’s logo characterising the Loch Ness monster – “Nessie”. I think she’d like this beer too!


Rating: 3.0/5. “Saazi Ness” is a light, pleasant lager, which drinks effortlessly. Another beer tried, tested and enjoyed from Loch Ness Brewery. Looking forward to more from this brewery as I continue my beer journey!




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