Mango Unchained

Juicy IPAs are becoming increasingly common. My most recent venture within this particular category was with “Mango Unchained” by ShinDigger Brewing Co, purchased from Grunting Growler. This is the first beer I’ve had from this Manchester-based brewery.

The brewery was born following the purchase of a home-brewing kit by a couple of students studying at the University of Manchester. They brewed their beer in their student halls – with the confines of student living and limitations associated with a small brewing kit, the pair were only able to produce 50 pints in a week. Nonetheless, they began selling their beer at house parties (not a bad way for earning some money towards the rent). Following their initial success, the business started to grow, and they began delivering kegs to local bars. This allowed them to reach a larger and potentially more critical audience…

Now the pair are brewing on a much larger scale. Approximately 50,000 pints are now produced monthly, smashing their numbers of old. Instead of having their own brewery site, which would come at significant expense and high levels of maintenance, they use the equipment belonging to other companies. Essentially, any local breweries with some production space to spare allow ShinDigger to escalate their smaller-scaled projects. This concept is called ‘shadow brewing’ and permits ShinDigger to send their brews far and wide!

Mandatory “Mango Unchained” Facts:

  • Untappd Rating: 3.77 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Tagline: “We got da beers, you got da mouths, put da beers in ya mouths”
  • Style: IPA

I took the can from the fridge and noticed their logo. It consists of an ‘S’ and a ‘D’ intertwining. The can has a white background with colourful text and playful art of mango and pineapples, suggesting that this beer is really going to pack a fruity punch! This 440ml can was poured into my Teku glass and poured the colour of a dark mango, topped with a medium sized white foam head. The fruit scent was immediate, and I was excited to try this! On the first sip of this session IPA, I noted the soft flavours of the anticipated mango and pineapple. It was very light in taste and had a great sweetness to it. The mango flavour built upon drinking and unfortunately (though somewhat unsurprisingly) this beer didn’t last for long.


Rating: 3.0/5. ‘Mango Unchained’ by ShinDigger Brewing Co was a great introductory beer from this Manchester-based company. It has a good, solid base of mango, but I feel that even more could be pushed into it to “Unchain” this beer! Regardless, I can’t wait to pick up a few cans of this to have during a BBQ this summer.

Note for people that love juicy IPAs – ShinDigger Brewing Co have a peach version too!

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