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Being a beer enthusiast, I love to browse social media and take note of colourful breweries, find new exciting names and beautiful bottle/can designs. A major limitation with finding beers in this way, is the fact that I keep finding awesome-sounding breweries out there, but I’m unable to sample their beer as they aren’t available in the UK! I don’t think Sixpoint Brewery beers are widely known in the UK, primarily as they are not readily available in local supermarkets or most bars. I did stumble across this brewery approximately 2 years ago at one of the largest UK pub chains – JD Wetherspoon, which is well known for stocking great craft beers from all over the world.

Sixpoint, a microbrewery based in New York, is the result of a home-brewer who decided to take the leap into large-scale production. Sixpoint’s process of brewing is interesting as the team decide how they want the beer to look and taste at end-point and then work backwards! This is a technique they like to call “Mad Science”.

I’ve previously tried 2 of Sixpoint’s beers – “Bengali” and “Resin”. These were both sampled again, but “Sweet Action” and “The Crisp” were new to me! It’s always great fun sampling a few different beers from a brewery and being able to compare them side by side… so let’s get these cans open!

Sixpoint Line-up!

Mandatory “Sweet Action” Facts:

  • Untappd Rating: 3.47 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • IBU: 40
  • Style: Ale
  • Colour: Amber
  • Scent: Sweetness (reflecting the name) and Peach

Having sampled lots of “sweet” beers, I was most excited to try this out of the two new beers. This poured with a perfect, white head, which rose right to the top of the glass. A subtle sweetness came through on drinking, battling against an underlying deep maltiness of this ale. The can design is ideal for travelling and taking to get-togethers – meaning no one has to do the “try and find a bottle opener!”.


Rating: 3.25/5. “Sweet Action” is a well-rounded beer and much lighter than typical ales that I’ve had recently. It would be a great addition in amongst a usual lager-studded line-up at BBQs.


Mandatory “The Crisp” Facts:

  • Untappd Rating: 3.47 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 5.4%
  • IBU: 44
  • Style: Pilsner (lager)
  • Colour: Light Golden
  • Scent: Floral

This is a very light lager, reminiscent of beers that I’ve sampled when in continental European countries. It has a bright, hoppy burst at the beginning of the drink, but the drinking experience is then completed with a malt finish. Given this, it was hardly surprising to find out that the hops used in this beer are sourced from Germany – home of some of the best lagers in the world.


Rating: 2.75/5. “The Crisp” is an easy-going, light lager that I would happily have again.



Mandatory “Bengali” Facts:

  • Untappd Rating: 3.76 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 6.6%
  • IBU: 66
  • Style: IPA
  • Colour: Mid-Orange
  • Scent: Citrus and Pine

This beer certainly looks the part and the initial white foam head steadily drops, leaving lacing on the inside of the glass. It has a silky texture – the smoothest of all the beers sampled. The brew tastes very much like an East Coast IPA, with initial pine notes followed through with lots of citrus and a caramel base. It lacks the bitterness of a typical IPA, which is actually quite a nice change.


Rating: 3.5/5. “Bengali” is a beer that when I first tried it, I really enjoyed it. This time, I’ve noticed my palate change, as I felt I was missing the bittering IPA-end. Overall, it remains one of Sixpoint’s strongest beers to date.



Mandatory “Resin” Facts:

  • Untappd Rating: 3.99 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 9.1%
  • IBU: 103
  • Style: Double IPA
  • Colour: Amber-Toffee
  • Scent: Pine and Sweet

When I think of an IPA, I think of deep flavours that often manage to blend bright citrus/tropical notes, with a deep bitterness that rounds the beer off. I find that the best IPAs almost fool you by hiding its ABV within the flavours. This beer hit both of Dr Beer’s IPA-criteria. Bright, strong hops initially dominate with flavours of pine. The pine swiftly turns to caramel, then at the end a reminder of the strength gives a big “nudge” on your palate… It’s a strong reminder that this isn’t just an IPA, but a double!


Rating 4.25/5. “Resin” is a truly great DIPA. I like a double IPA at the best of times, but Sixpoint have nailed this one.

I’ve actually reviewed Resin before – take a look here

So a great session enjoying Sixpoint Brewery beers. They have a great core range and an ever-expanding variety in the United States! Thanks to Heathwick Ltd. for sending me these beers. I look forward to having more of whatever the company has to offer in the near future!

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