Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA by Evil Twin Brewing and Omnipollo

Evil Twin is a brewery producing beers that I have been waiting to get my hands on for a long, long time. I have seen countless photos on Instagram (or ‘Beerstagram’ as it should probably be known to me) and I have been searching for their brews whenever I’ve been in craft beer stores. This beer was bought from the great Wee Beer Shop, in my hometown Glasgow.

It was my first “normal” evening following a run of night shifts. ‘Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA’ however, was not my first beer of the day!

Slight Tangent… I have developed a ritual that I now carry out following the completion of my final night shift… The routine has 2 main benefits:

  1. A motivator to help me push through my last shift until morning,
  2. A method to reset my disrupted sleep cycle

This ritual involves me coming home and pouring a beer from The Sub, providing me with a refreshing, perfectly served draft at a chilled 2°C. I can reflect on the completed set of night-shifts, consider the highs and lows, whilst winding down ready for a quick nap. Usually by this point, I have been up for approximately 20 hours, so it truly feels like the end of a really long day. This beer from The Sub always sends me straight to sleep!


Tangent concluded… I’m now awake, functioning (probably closer to semi-functioning), and ready for tonight’s beer.

Evil Twin is a gypsy brewery that originates from Denmark. The brewery is well known for producing unique, limited release beers and for performing collaborations throughout the world. This particularly beer was brewed in the United States in combination with Omnipollo, who are based in Sweden. The moto on Evil Twin’s website includes the quote “We have all good intentions to disturb, disorder and enlighten you with unforgettable beer after beer”. I love it!

Mandatory “Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA” Facts:

  • Untappd Rating: 3.76 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 7% ABV
  • IBU: 70
  • Style: IPA
  • Serving: Can, 355ml

Can chilled and removed from the fridge, I immediately noticed the abnormal feel of the can. It then ‘clicked’ that this was due to the can being 355ml, compared to the standard UK 330/500ml aluminium cans. The can design was bright, with the green colours of typical UK lemonade brands and picturing a man passing you a glass of lemonade! It poured a light transparent golden colour – almost shandy-esque in appearance (a beer and lemonade mixture in the UK). A small white foam head was produced, and somewhat unsurprisingly, scents of lemonade arose from the glass. The beer itself produced an intense lemonade taste on sampling, solidifying the name and not shying away from the proposed dominant flavour unlike many other beers! This beer is particularly light, similar to a lager, but is buoyed with a bright zing from the lemon, finished by the slight of bitterness of an IPA. In between, there is a subtle salt flavour, which is almost gose-like. As you lower the glass back to the table, a warming 7% strength on the back of your palate gently reminds you that this isn’t a soft drink!


Rating: 3.75/5. ‘Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA’ was bright and full of citrus, with a great percentage ABV to back it up. My first from Evil Twin and they have exceeded my high expectations.

Lemonade for this summer? I’ll certainly be drinking this one again.

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