Fruit Car Sight Exhibition

This beer is by Verdant, a brewery founded in 2014. Based in Cornwall, UK, they strive to produce “juicy, hoppy, unfiltered hazy beers”. Note that all beers produced by this brewery are vegan friendly!


Take a look at the picture above. Visually, it looks as though they have completed their objective. Verdant have some bizarre names for their beers – this one continues with their tradition!

I really like the back design of the bottle – clearly depicting the malts, hops and yeast used during the brewing process.


Mandatory “Fruit Car Sight Exhibition” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 4.38 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 8.%
  • Style: DIPA
  • Serving: Can, 440 ml

A bright yellow can with minimal ‘nonsense’ on the front face. A sleek, simple design: no spectacular fonts, no pictures of hops and no unnecessary wording to upset the cans feng-shui. Luckily, the beer pours a deeper colour than this luminous backdrop. Side note – vitamin deficiency and brain protection, secondary to chronic alcohol excess, is treated with a bright-yellow intravenous medication that looks alarmingly similar to this can!

This beer poured a cloudy, golden colour and produced a fairly large white thick head. A slim head stayed in situ until my very last mouthful. The scent of this beer had a good hit of citrus, which I’m delighted to say carried through on taste. A great mix of hops with citrus juiciness dominated the taste of this beer, followed by a warming bitter-alcohol finish. If this beer had less than a “DIPA” percentage, I think the alcohol would fade into the background and probably go unnoticed in amongst the fruity flavours.

Rating 4.0/5. “Fruit Car Sight Exhibition” is a lovely, juicy beer. I’ve had a number of beers from Verdant recently, and I have enjoyed them all. My only concern is that many of their brews taste very, very similar, with the same characteristic citrus “juicy” feel to them. I’ll happily drink their beers, but I will probably stop rushing to find new varieties. I hope that soon Verdant Brewing Co. perform some bigger twists in order to diversify their range, whilst maintaining their motto of “juicy, hoppy, unfiltered beers”.


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All the best

Dr Beer

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