UnBarred Brewery

Q: How long have you/the brewery been making beer for?

A: 6+years (UnBarred was established in 2014)



Q: What got you into brewing?

A: In an attempt to make whiskey you have to make a good beer. I started making beer and then went on to making whiskey. The whole process became an obsession. Its very soothing for an over active mind.




Q: When you’re not brewing what are your hobbies?

A: My biggest passion before I got into beer was food. That was my down time.  When I got into beer it was my passion and obsession and still is. I still like to cook but I still wake up at night and write down ideas for the next beer.



Q: What’s your favourite style of beer?

A: Such a hard question to answer. In brewing I love to blend some of my favourite styles to make a new one or hybrid. On a Friday I usually go for DIPA’s.  Saturdays if I’m not going out it will be farm house funk. On a Sunday I always for something strong and usually Belgian like a Dubbel.

*Dr Beer: I absolutely love this answer! I think hybrids can be a risky brewing process, but if you strike it lucky (or with skill!) a real gem can be produced!*



Q: If you could only have one of your brews for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? (I know it’s like picking a favourite child!)

A:  At the moment it would have to be Dank Juice. Its got the perfect silky New England body with all our favourite dank hops at a good strength.



Q: You are in a supermarket, in the Beer aisle of course, what would you buy? (your wonderful beer isn’t on sale unfortunately!)

A: Probably Erdinger Hefeweizen. Its always available in the supermarkets and a world class beer. If I had to buy two, I would buy Punk IPA and blend the two together. I know this will make some people cringe, but trust me, If all you have is supermarket beer and want to drink a fun hybrid of styles try it.



Q: What new flavour combination would you love to try/what new hops would you like to work with?

A: We’ve done literally hundreds of combos now. We also have a long list of what we want to brew next. Hop wise, we have some Denali and experimental Australian hops to play with. They will go in a Hazy.

We love using fruit in our beers and we’ve got a single hop, single fruit series coming out. Starting off with Simcoe and Grapefruit.



Q: What brewery you would like to collaborate with and why?

A: SIREN. We keep brewing the same or similar beer very close to each other releasing one. I have so much respect for those guys and we have a lot of synergies.


Check out UnBarred’s beer library at their website – it’s a stunning line up. Here’s a review of Tasman Sea, which is one of their great beers


So there we have it. Thank you so much to UnBarred brewing for their thoughts, I’m now thinking about heading to a supermarket to give the Punk-Weizen a go! Who knows – maybe Siren and UnBarred could create a spectacular beer in the future!


Dr Beer

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