Germany vs Sweden

A European match up. Germany (current world champions), who suffered a shock loss to Mexico in the first round of games  – check here for those beers, face up against Sweden. Both countries not only deserve to be at the finals in Russia, they are also known for creating great beers.

Mandatory “Berliner Pilsner” Facts

An up-to-date, trendy can design encases this pilsner. I think its appearance is much better than that of their variety of bottles; they have the Berlin Bear on them but lack the striking look that this can provides. A light, transparent beer with a golden, sunny colour. A small white foam head formed, lacing the upper rim of the glass. Little scent came from this beer, though it tasted lovely and light, with a smooth mouthfeel. No dominant flavour came through, but this is typical for a pilsner.


Rating: 2.75/5. “Berliner Pilsner” is a beer that I’d happily enjoy whilst on holiday, in a little side bar, whilst watching the world pass by. It’s nice and I would happily order it, but I wouldn’t go out searching specifically for this beer.


Mandatory “Original Double Vanilla Ice Cream IIPA” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 4.07 (at time of writing)
  • Country of Origin: Sweden (though collaborated with England)
  • Brewery: Omnipollo (collaboration with Buxton Brewery)
  • ABV: 8%
  • Style: Imperial IPA
  • Serving: Bottle, 330ml


Ice cream? Yes please. Beer? Definitely! Together? I’m intrigued. At first I’m not sure that it’s going to work, but then I remember the multiple ‘milkshake IPAs’ that I’ve recently adored, so decide to give this combination a try! I took the bottle from the fridge and smiled at the familiar purple bottle cap of Omnipollo before removing it with my wall-mounted beer bottle opener. There is no text on the front of the bottle; instead, there’s a design resembling the “poop” emoji… on legs. It’s bizarre. I wouldn’t have picked up the beer, had I not have already known that it was brewed by Omnipollo. The beer smelled lovely, with a hint of vanilla to it – a very strange scent for an IPA. With next-to-no foam head, the brew had a slightly turbid appearance. On drinking there was a huge hit of vanilla and remarkably my palate was convinced it was tasting ice-cream – whilst drinking beer! Unbelievable! Initially, I worried that this beer was going to be overly sweet, but a smooth umami sensation ended the experience, with a light IPA feel.


NB: It wasn’t until after drinking that I realised that the bottle’s logo actually depicts the top of a soft-serve ice cream swirl! This makes a lot more sense compared to my earlier thoughts!

Rating: 4.5/5. ‘Original Double Vanilla Ice Cream IIPA’… Wow. Just, “wow”. This is definitely one of the best beers I’ve sampled this year. This is the kind of beer that I go into craft beer stores to search for. I crave finding such brilliant beers.


Football: Oh yeah – big game in the World Cup too – got slightly distracted by the ice-cream beer! What an ending. The German’s showed determination and resilience, whilst Toni Kroos produced a moment of magic, which is sometimes the catalyst to lifting a nation’s campaign. After that goal, I wouldn’t be surprised if the resulting desire, determination and winning mentality allow Germany to go very, very far in this competition. Despite the late German football win, Sweden have absolutely smashed their opponents with respect to this beer battle!


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