England vs Columbia

It’s the last game of the round of 16. By this point seven of the quarter finalists are known. Time to find out the last team to advance to the final eight of football’s biggest stage

Mandatory “Midnight Train to Byker” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 4.18 (at time of writing)
  • Country of Origin: England
  • Brewery: Wylam
  • ABV: 10%
  • Style: Imperial IPA
  • Serving: Can, 440ml

I’ve had a few beers from Wylam and when I visited Newcastle earlier in the year, I sought out some of their fantastic beer. I get home from another 13 hour shift (evidently my rota co-ordinator has a personal vendetta against me). It was the second half of extra-time so I had time to sample this beer during the actual game! A primarily black with contrasting yellow accents can design. I poured the can, which created a deep orange hazy beer, with a fine line of bubbles floating on top of the beer. Aromas are of bitterness, with a very subtle citrus twang on a deep inspiratory sniff along with a hint of pine.

On sampling the primary flavour is what I call ‘dank’. A deep hop-fuelled mixture blending with a complex rolling bitterness that evolves throughout the drink. Flavours are dominated by the citrus embodied hops used. It is full-bodied on the palate, with the taste lingering on your gums after each and every sip. With this being 10% I would be most definitely lying if I said you didn’t notice the warmth. Along with a citrus-orange aftertaste to finish the beer there is a gentle warmth, though I wouldn’t say it is overbearing or harsh, which can be a common feature for imperial IPAs.


Rating: 3.75/5. Deep, dank and a devious 10%. It’s a bold and juicy beer, but despite how drinkable it is, you shouldn’t be drinking more than one of these! If there was anything that I could ask for to amplify this beer, it would be take a touch of the bitterness away and make it a bit sweeter – I feel that after more than a half pint, it becomes nearly too bitter.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sample a Columbian beer.

Football: This game was taken not only into extra time, but into penalties! Congratulations England for winning their first ever World Cup penalty shoot out and commiserations to Columbia, who must be absolutely gutted after hopes were lifted with their last minute equaliser. Sweden awaits next for England. Upon realising, I take a look in the fridge;

  • Swedish beer – check!
  • English beer – check!
  • Rota – damnit! I’m at work



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