St Peter’s Brewery

Q: How long has the brewery been making beer for?

A: We’ve been brewing beer since 1995 and were one of the UK’s first craft micro-breweries.


Q: What was the inspiration behind the brewery?

A: The business was founded by John Murphy, who founded marketing consultancy, Interbrand. He saw a newfound demand for beautifully brewed beers with character and quality. He also wanted to create a range of beers to suit different tastes and also to appeal to the export market.


Q: What makes St Peter’s special?

A: St Peter’s Brewery is sited by a 13th century manor house near Bungay in Suffolk, St Peter’s uses water from its own deep bore hole to create a range of craft beers. Overseen by master brewer, Steve Groves, the brewery has become known for its fantastic range of beers and its unique and distinctive oval bottles.


Q: What types of beers is the brewery best known for?

A: We brew a whole range of ales, stouts and bitters, but we also have a lifestyle range which includes gluten free, organic and alcohol-free beers. We saw a gap in the market for these types of beers and it is what sets us apart as a brewery. Our gluten free beers are made naturally with sorghum and our alcohol-free beers are brewed in exactly the same way as a normal beer, just without alcohol. We remain one of the few organic breweries in the country and recently launched an organic alcohol-free beer, Without® Organic.


Q: What are your most recent new launches?

A: Last autumn we brewed a delicious Plum Porter, which is now available in Morrisons, its a dark, sweet, full-bodied porter with background notes of damson and blackcurrant that are followed by the fruitiness of the plum in flavour and aroma. We also launched our Without® Organic zero alcohol beer in January, which is a delicious golden ale that’s rich and full-bodied and perfect for lager and ale drinkers. It is golden in colour and has a slight maltiness balanced with a sweet after taste.


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