France vs Croatia

No – It’s the final! Actually, I suppose it is bittersweet: I am both happy as I can rest my liver, and sad as it is the end of what has arguably been the best World Cup I’ve witness during my 26 years of life. Oh well, all good things must come to an end. Let’s hope that the final beers and the final match are SPECTACULAR!

Mandatory “Berliner Weisse Framboise” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.76 (at time of writing)
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Brewery: Popihn Brasserie
  • ABV: 4.0%
  • Style: Berliner Weisse
  • Serving: Bottle, 330ml

This is the second beer that I’ve sampled by Popihn Brasserie. I’m personally not a fan due to the lack of originality regarding their beer names. I like a bizarre, quirky name, just to make it a bit different! This strawberry-inspired beer certainly looked the part with its bright red colour. The beer had a very sour scent, which came through on the flavour profile, but was quickly washed away, leaving little on the palate by the end of the beer. I usually really enjoy sours: I love being pushed to the limit of my senses (to the point that I nearly want to screw up my face because it’s so sour). Unfortunately, this beer didn’t live up to it – not only was the sourness “meh”, but the strawberry flavour didn’t really come through either. In addition, the mouthfeel of this beer was quite watery.


Rating: 2.25/5. “Berliner Weisse Framboise”, like the other Popihn beers I’ve sampled, just falls a bit flat! The scents of their beers are great, but it just doesn’t meet my high beer-expectations.


Mandatory “Summer Wheat Ale” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.56 (at time of writing)
  • Country of Origin: Croatia
  • Brewery: The Garden Brewery
  • ABV: 3.6%
  • Style: Wheat
  • Serving: Can, 330ml

This is my last beer of the World Cup. I’m going to have to wait four years before this tournament and this sort of moment comes around again; therefore, this beer had better be brilliant… I’m going to savour every last mouthful. With a descriptive comment containing “…grapefruit and lychee…”, it not only sounds different to typical wheat beers, but also perfect for this freakishly-long spell of hot weather that Scotland has been having.

Upon pouring, this was revealed to be one of the lightest beers I’ve tried recently. Almost white in appearance, with a moderately turbid appearance, the foamy head was about 1 inch in height. Aromas were subtle, but it smelled stronger than the <4% ABV stated. It was a very silky, light beer. Compared to other The Garden Brewery beers, it was actually quite tame initially and lacked the typical phenomenal intensity I’m used to from these guys. I didn’t mind the beer, but I wasn’t in love with it either in comparison to their other brews. It had a slight carbonation to it, with a few bubbles present when I held this beer on my tongue for a second. As I sampled the beer, more and more I noticed the grapefruit primarily and mild lychee flavours coming through, but I really needed to let the beer settle in the mouth to get the true flavour. There was a slight sourness to the beer at the end, which was surprising but quite enjoyable.


Rating: 3.25/5. “Summer Wheat Ale” is a nice beer, but not the best of the brewery’s line-up.

Football: The Final. France were sensational. Congratulations to the World Cup winners! But I’ve got to say – celebrate your win and respect Croatia’s excellent play on reaching the final and for having some fantastic beers!


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