Saltaire Brewing

Q: Why the name Saltaire Brewery?

A: We’re a stone’s throw from Saltaire village, a World Heritage Site in West Yorkshire, home to the famous Salts Mill. We’re based just down the canal from the mill, in our amazing Victorian brewhouse which was once a power generating station for the local tram network.


Q: How long have you/the brewery been making beer for?

A: I’ve been making beer for 6 years now but Saltaire began brewing in 2006.


Q: What got you into brewing?

A: A profound love of beer! After working at Bradford and Bingley for 5 years (dreaming about brewing beer!), I had a career change and managed the cellar at The Puzzle Hall Inn in Sowerby Bridge which is where I met Tony Gartland, the founder of Saltaire Brewery and Ewen Gordon, our MD.


Q: When you’re not brewing what are your hobbies?

A: Thinking about beer, talking about beer, drinking beer and homebrewing. Also, heavy metal gigs, cooking and retro gaming – beers goes very well with all three!


Q: What’s your favourite style of beer?

A: I like all styles generally, but a good hoppy IPA is hard to beat for me.


Q: If you could only have one of your brews for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? (I know it’s like picking a favourite child!)

A: Pacifica IPA. It was my first recipe for Saltaire, a satisfying pint with a great malt / hop balance – even if I do say so myself!


Q: You are in a supermarket, in the Beer aisle of course, what would you buy? (your wonderful beer isn’t on sale unfortunately!)

A: Supermarket beer selections are getting much better. I’d go for something modern and hoppy, probably in a can. My local supermarket has New World Pale from Northern Monk and I tend to go for that.


Q: What new flavour combination would you love to try/what new hops would you like to work with?

A: I’m keen to brew some sour style beers, with or without fruit. I’d also like to try the cryo-hops / BBC hop pellets that are available.

Saltare _MG_7008

Q: What brewery you would like to collaborate with and why?

A: One of the great Belgian Lambic breweries like Cantillon would be amazing. Also, TRVE or Holy Mountain (Heavy Metal obsessed US breweries!) would be ace.


Thanks to Chris Hall for his time and information about the brewery!



Saltaire Brewery PR photoshoot, Shipley, UK - 15 Aug 2018
Saltaire Brewery PR photoshoot, Shipley. Photo: Claire Epton

For more about Saltaire Brewing;



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