Fanzine the Terrific Twelfth

For what happened last time round – Fanzine, the eleventh

Another little Fanzine box: a limited edition BrewDog subscription service which ultimately leads to three beers on your doorstep every other week. I’m really excited about this box as it has three completely new beers: no ‘versions’ of previous brews to put up with. If you missed out on some of the last few editions, these are available to purchase online.

All 330mls, the latest set of Fanzine beers are as follows:

  • Opaque Jake
  • Scarlet Fever
  • Mind Game


Mandatory “Opaque Jake” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.83 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 7.2%
  • IBU: 30
  • Style: NE IPA
  • Tagline: New England IPA
  • Descriptive Comment: Cloudy clarity

The neon turquoise can produced a light, cloudy yellow beer, with some carbonation noted at the base of the glass. Surprisingly, this beer reminded me of work: the name, “opaque”, is a term I commonly use when describing a lesion on an x-ray, and the colour looked like the fluid I’ve recently removed from a patient’s infected knee!

There was a slight white foam head formed, about 1cm tall, or fifteen bubbles high in this instance! It smelled sensational: totally characteristic of a NEIPA, with a tropical juice bomb hitting the olfactory senses! Thankfully the taste measured up, with a full-bodied, luxurious mouthfeel as a sweet tropical start, fading into a deep savoury bitterness at the end.



Diagnosis: 3.75/5. “Opaque Jake” is a cracking NEIPA which, whilst not ground-breaking, remains very drinkable. 

Mandatory “Scarlet Fever” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.39 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 5.4%
  • IBU: 40
  • Style: Saison
  • Tagline: Red Rye Saison
  • Descriptive Comment: Contagious complexity

The name, colour of the can and the fact that it is a red rye brew, tie together well. It poured a deep caramel colour, with a hint of red. A medium, full-bodied bright white foam head was produced, and aromas had a characteristic, marginally spicy, “funk” note. The creamy foam head dissipated on sampling, leaving a complex saison feel, which had slightly different characteristics in each and every mouthful. The taste profile had hints of orange and a touch of caramel malt. In addition to this, the Saison yeast didn’t overpower the drink, keeping it enjoyable, in spite of a light spicy-pepperiness tang that built over the whole drink.


Diagnosis: 3.0/5. “Scarlet Fever” is a saison that I would typically ignore on a menu, but this special Fanzine-edition beer, is a light, pleasurable drink that encourages my palate to try different styles.


Mandatory “Mind Game” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.62 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 6.9%
  • IBU: 80
  • Style: IPA
  • Tagline: West Coast IPA
  • Descriptive comment: Ready player one

A purple can design, with the comment of “ready player one” and titled “Mind Game”: this feels like a tribute to the 2018 Spielberg film “Ready Player One”, about VR gaming in a futuristic, chaotic world. Regardless, any IPA sounds perfect for me! A transparent, light golden beer was poured, with a medium-sized fluffy head that halved in height over a couple of minutes. Aromas were bright and citrusy which awoke my salivary glands. On tasting, an initially flat beer, both in taste and mouthfeel, came alive with a zing. The lime notes blended with a big punch of resinous pine before fading into a surprisingly bold bitterness.


Diagnosis: 3.75/5. “Mind Game” might look tame from the outside, but the flavours really match the bold purple can it came from: big, full-on and tasty!


Box Rating: 3.5/5

Fanzine Rating to Date: 3.4/5


Do you want to join the Fanzine experience AND want a £10 voucher for the BrewDog website? The sign up to via the link below, select referred by a friend, and use “Dr Beer” in the referral section! The associated email is:

Subscribe to Fanzine


For more Fanzine stories, hit here to see the complete journey to date.



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