Brewtoon Tycoon

This is a completely different review: this review is all about the new beer game app “Brewtoon Tycoon” available on iOS and android devices. It is a beer business simulation game, taking you from home-brewing in your basement, to brewing at an industrial level. I’ve always enjoyed customer care and business model style games, so it’s great to see one that actually revolves around beer.

Before getting into details, I’d like to thank ActOp for letting me beta-test the game prior to the release. I love the name of the game, it’s accurate and clear: “Brew” for the beer, “Toon” for the cartoon graphics and “Tycoon” for the game style.
On initial loading, the game commences with a beer pun! When I saw this, I instantly knew that this team had put some hard work into creating an aesthetically pleasing application. I imagine that this is going to capture beer lovers across the globe. The first task is to create your profile: all you need is your “name” and to choose a font/background colour. Don’t worry – you can change this later if you desire.

screenshot_20180916-104827_brewtoon tycoon5453827196293808212..jpg

Via a simple, well-designed tutorial, you begin your journey of becoming a brew-master. The game encourages you to create a couple of different beers on a home-brewing scale. To brew a beer, you simply press on the kettle and select from the available beers you have on offer (the varieties available increase as you progress through the game). Then you must add your malts and hops to the liquid and allow time for the mashing and boiling process to work its magic. For the boiling, there’s a mini-game to play, in which you tap the flame in order to keep the beer at the perfect temperature. If you do so successfully, you win a bonus (e.g. 10% off brewing time or getting some extra beer)!

screenshot_20180916-105041_brewtoon tycoon5603679998773675288..jpg

A timer is then started, which counts down until your beer is brewed, at which point you add the beer to the fermentation tank, add your yeast and let the sugars be converted into alcohol! Additional flavours such as orange peel, vanilla and clove can be added to some varieties at the end, to make it that bit extra special! If you want to skip the brewing and fermentation times, you can use one of the in-game currencies, “caps”, to skip to the next stage, or alternatively watch a brief advert. Brewing duration varies with beers, maintaining similarities with the real world – though naturally, it is a slightly quicker process in game… I wish we could actually create beer in less than 10 minutes! Within the game, once it’s produced, it is then bottled into kegs, bottles or cans – your choice.

screenshot_20180916-105035_brewtoon tycoon7568452635684822400..jpg

The other currency in the game is “coins”. These are required to purchase your malts and flavouring ingredients. Once purchased, it takes just over half an hour for them to arrive. To get more coins, you have to sell your beers! You can sell directly to bars/venues for a fixed price, but as you level-up, your own taproom is opened, meaning you can sell your beer at a better price per unit to paying customers. Each customer will show their desired beer, allowing you to keep track of which varieties you need to create next.


In order to advance, you need to produce many different beers: experience is gained in brewing and selling, allowing you to level-up and unlock new beers. You also have the option to expand your brewing room in order to be able to brew more beers at any one time, or increase the size of the kettles to brew more in any one batch.

As the game progresses, you can brew in a microbrewery and ultimately work your way up to an industrial setting. Not only does the volume of beer increase, the demand for your brews does too, with more customers in the taproom and larger delivery orders to complete.


As if this wasn’t enough, there are additional in-game features too, such as beer competitions and staff members to hire in order to get bonuses. I won’t give all the secrets away though – I’ll give you something to play for!


Thoughts on the game?

Overall, I think the game is fantastic, though there are a few game features that I could imagine getting tweaked over the coming months, such as brewing time and additional hop varieties. Nonetheless, this doesn’t detract from the colourful, easy navigation and the joy that is unleashed with every new beer unlock.


Diagnosis: 4.5/5. “Brewtoon Tycoon” is original and addictive. This is fantastic for the first release of the game. I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses over the coming months. If no further posts go up for a while… you know why!


Links to the game are below

For an interview with the Brewtoon Tycoon creation team, check out what they had to say in Meet the Makers!












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