BrewDog Lothian Road

BrewDog Edinburgh Lothian Road

A few days away to recharge the batteries: luckily, we didn’t have any transport hiccups unlike our last trip away! During our short city-stay, I had to check out the new BrewDog bar in Edinburgh on Lothian Road. It opened earlier this year and is situated in what used to be a bank. The venue has some outdoor seating and two separate levels within. The tall ceilings look excellent and there is also a seating area reminiscent of “bleachers” at an American sports venue. Most importantly, there are fridges stacked with great beers from all over the world and a 20-pump draught line-up.


I sampled three beers whilst playing Munchkin (Star Edition) with my fiancé – there’s nothing better than playing cards/a great board game whilst enjoying fantastic beer. Oh, I’m also an Equity for Punks shareholder, meaning I get 10% off in BrewDog bars!

Mandatory “Tangerine Zephyr” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.42 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 4.6%
  • IBU: 10
  • Style: Sour
  • Serving: Draught, Half-Pint

Zephyr’s appear to be all the rage with BrewDog at present. There have been two over the first three Fanzine boxes – a lemon and a lime variety. Now onto another citrus cousin – the tangerine, from BrewDog’s small batch variety. The beer poured a transparent golden orange colour with a thin white film on top that settled quickly to the sides. The aroma smelt quite artificial, but thankfully the beer tasted much better than its scent suggested! It was bright and bold in flavour, with a big hit of tangerine and a great juiciness to it. The beer was completed with a good hit of sourness within its closing tastes. This was great on a warm summer’s day.


Rating: 3.25/5. ‘Tangerine Zephyr’ was a great beer to start the day with. It had a good hit of fruit and was sour enough so that you really noticed it, but not so sour that it would stop me drinking after one glass. I’m really glad that I enjoyed the beer – it kept my spirits up as I was crushed in my first battle of Munchkin!


Mandatory “Wee Braw” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.82 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 4%
  • Style: IPA
  • Serving: Draught, Half Pint

From Cross Borders Brewing Co, a microbrewery local to Edinburgh owned by two great friends Gary and Jonny, this beer was a session IPA. It poured a slightly hazy light amber and was less transparent than ‘Tangerine Zephyr’. This beer smelt sensational – really fruity and punchy – loaded with Mosaic hops. It was nicely chilled and tasted light with some floral notes. A bitterness finished this beer, very typical for an IPA.

Wee Braw on the left!

Rating: 2.5/5. ‘Wee Braw’ was nice and light, with some floral notes, though I feel that this beer lacked the intensity in flavour promised by the scent. Because this smelt SO good, my expectations were raised. It was easy drinking and enjoyable, but not great. Also, I lost another game of Munchkin – Dr Beer wass not doing well with that board game!


Mandatory “Brass Monkey” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.7 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 28
  • Style: NEIPA
  • Serving: Can, 330 ml
  • Tagline: Tropical IPA

My final beer at this location was ‘Brass Monkey’. I chose it primarily because of the can design; it was abstract in appearance and this made it pop from the shelf. It looked different, so I picked it up and then, as if it were a magnet, I was pulled towards the bar to buy it. The brewery is called Cloak and Dagger and was founded by 3 friends in Sussex! If anyone is keen on starting a microbrewery give me a heads up – it seems like everyone is getting in on the action!

The beer poured a hazy orange colour – this haziness is typical of NEIPA brews as they are unfiltered, creating the almost turbid appearance. This drink had the largest of all the foam heads, which was pearly-white in colour. Scents were primarily topical and didn’t smell artificially sweet like some others have in the past. Sampling was a pleasure and my greatest surprise was that it actually seemed quite bitter, despite the low IBU of 28. The beer itself contained a nice wave of tropical flavours, primarily passionfruit, mango and lychee. A gentle 5.5% ABV washed along with this bitter-edged beer, making this NEIPA one of the weakest in strength that I’ve ever had within this category.


Rating: 3.25/5. ‘Brass Monkey’ is another easy-drinking beer. It is one which I could have a few pints of, as when compared to other typical NEIPAs in which the percentage is usually closer to 7-8% ABV, this one is relatively ‘light’. Oh, and most importantly, I finally won a game of Munchkin! Only took three attempts… Don’t tell my other half, but maybe I threw the other games just to be able to sample a few more beers? If I convince myself consistently enough, I might start believing my own nonsense!


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