Monster IIIPA

You would be forgiven for thinking that Dr Beer has leant on his ‘I’ key for a bit long when writing the title of the post – but no, there are actually three! This is the third collaboration between North Brewing Co and Uiltje Brewing Company: this beer succeeds their previous project which was a double IPA. As such, it seems logical that their most recent venture has been to make a bigger, stronger beer. The result of this? A triple IPA (hence – III). Beware, this isn’t your typical imperial IPA – it has a monstrous 18% ABV!

Though this is my first beer from Uiltje, I’ve sampled many fantastic brews from North Brewing Co, so my expectations are high.

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Mandatory “Monster IIIPA” Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 4.11 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 18.0
  • Style: Triple IPA
  • Serving: Can, 440ml (Gulp!)

The artwork was abstract and appears to depict a monster that has been scrambled. It was as if the artist had been drinking some of this 18% beer and wasn’t able to piece the picture together coherently – I liked it! It poured as a light golden-orange hazy beer, with a thin white foam head. The orange appearance of the beer matched the accenting colour on the can. Aromas were immediately very inviting; starting with a citrus meld of grapefruit and orange. A hint of resinous pine quickly followed, alongside subtle alcohol fumes – a gentle reminder of the strength, just in case I had forgotten about this. It began with a medium body, though this seemed to develop and thicken throughout sampling. Surprisingly, the ABV went unnoticed initially, as orange notes started off the flavour sensation. The beer was quite sweet, with a mix of citrus fruits and a huge hoppy hit. This waned into a mildly resinous bitter finish, with a strong, but not overwhelming, alcohol flavour. I asked myself: “what ABV do I perceive it as?” and decided it drank closer to 11% ABV beer, which made it scarily easily drinkable.


Diagnosis: 4.5/5. “Monster IIIPA” has a great concept behind it, being a triple IPA because of being the third brew of the partnership. Sweet. Citrus. Hoppy. Boozy. Bitter. Balanced. It has a summer tasting profile created by the citrus elements, with a winter warming pleasure created by the daring ABV.

Check out Meet the Makers feature for North Brewing Co and Uiltje Brewing Company

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