Uiltje Brewing Company

Q: Why the name Uiltje Brewing Company?

A:  My last name is Uijtleman, which means Owl-man. When I had to pick a name I never had the idea Uiltje would grow out to be a international selling brewery. Therfore Uiltje at the time sounded like a good idea – it means small owl in Dutch.

Uiltje Shot 1


Q: How long have you/the brewery been making beer for?

A: The brewery was founded by me in 2012. At first I was contract brewing at other breweries but in 2015 we needed our own installation. None of the breweries where we brewed at could deliver the quality we were looking for. In 2016 everything was up and running, we now have a 40HL 4-vessel brewhouse with 12.000HL capacity in FV tanks.



Q: What got you into brewing?

A: The incredible dull beer scene we had in Holland. Everything was the same generic Belgian style. Wit, Blond, dubbel and triple. In one word: Horrible! Everything was the same!

I discovered IPA and American hop forward beers which you did not have in Holland in 2010-2011 therfore I wanted to make a difference and show Holland something different. We started with IPA’s, stouts and other crazy styles most people in Holland never heard of.

Uiltje Shot 4


Q: When you’re not brewing what are your hobbies?

A: The outdoors for sure! I’ve got a 2 and a half year old son and two german shepards. So when I’m not working I’m out hiking in nearby dunes, forests or beaches. However I do have to say that creating our artwork, thinking of new ideas and concepts is a hobby as well!



Q: What’s your favourite style of beer?

A: I’ve always been a fan of cask ales , unfortunately not available in Holland. To enjoy real ale I’ve got to fly to the UK, and luckily I’m there quite often. For the rest I enjoy fresh beer the most. As long as an IPA is fresh I’m happy!

Uiltje Shot 7


Q: If you could only have one of your brews for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? (I know it’s like picking a favourite child!)

A:  I would say Miss Hooter, a can of fresh miss hooter has a perfect bitterness and mouthfeel. Lovely hop forward and with only 4,4% a nice drinker in winter and summer time.  Plus I’m a fan of lower ABV beers!  A Berliner Weiss of 2,6% is also high on the list!



Q: You are in a supermarket or bottle shop, what beer would you buy? (your wonderful beer isn’t on sale unfortunately!)

A: Depends where I am and which season it is, but most likely it will be something hoppy. I tend to always go for local brews. Local beers are most of the time the freshest available. I check best before dates and make my choice. I never drink any imported beers, doesn’t make any sense to drink an American IPA in a bar in Italy which most of the times is weeks, perhaps even months old. Drink fresh beer and support local breweries!

Uiltje The Brewery 1 (3)


Q: What new flavour combination would you love to try/what new hops would you like to work with?

A: Depends what we can get our hands on, Yakima is releasing a lot of new varieties every year and its always nice to experiment with them. However working a bit more with UK hops the next year is also something I’m looking forward to!



Q: What brewery would you like to collaborate with and why?

A: There is not a brewery I can think of, we always try to collaborate with breweries we’ve met and clicked with. Most of the collabs we’ve done are because we met each other on a festival or event.  Sometimes the click is so good you collaborate with a brewery several times a year! All we do is about friendship right? The beers we make, the people drinking them.  Brewing beer is sort of the friendship business.



Uiltje Shot 6



Q: Tell me something awesome about Uiltje Brewing Company

A:We are proud to own one of the first canning lines in Holland. The Dutch are well behind when concerning quality of beer. We are on a mission to show Holland how nice it is to drink fresh beer. Having the canning line was a major thing for us, now we have to convince the rest of Holland.

And fresh and fast is something to be proud of, we package a new beer every Thursday and through a network of HUBS and bike couriers we manage to deliver our canned beer the day of packaging! Basically what’s in our bright beer tank Thursday morning is in your fridge the same day. And still cold! Can’t get it more fresh in Europe I think!

Uiltje Shot 8

Thanks to Robbert Uiljeman from Uiltje for his responses! For more information on Uiltje Brewing Company, see the following;

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