Tart by Thornbridge

Another Thornbridge beer today. Their beers are commonly sold in supermarkets across the UK and ‘Tart’ was bought from Tesco. Their characteristic trademark statue from the grounds of Thornbridge Manor stands proudly at the forefront of the logo. Each of their beers has a different colour dominating the background, with this one being a deep rub red. The words “Innovation. Passion. Knowledge.” surround the upper rim of the label. This beer is a sour, which isn’t a style that suits everyone, but I’d had some great samples in the past, so I was certainly keen to try it!

Here are other previously sampled Thornbridge beers; Fresa and Chiron. They usually pack a great punch of flavour and often combine fruits into their brews, so let’s see…


Mandatory ‘Tart’ Facts

  • Untappd Rating: 3.45 (at time of writing)
  • ABV: 6.0%
  • Serving: 330ml bottle
  • Beer Tagline: Bakewell Sour


I crack the Thornbridge bottlecap from the roof of the bottle and poured it into my Teku glass, which is one of my favourites. It poured like golden sunshine but was still relatively transparent in colour. I can’t even convince myself that a head was produced – this is typical for sours though! I think I could smell a bit of grapefruit from the few bubbles fizzing at the edge of the glass. The beer tasted light, like a lager, but this is where the similarities ceased, as it did not lack depth or complexity.

Remember that face someone pulls when they have sampled very sour candy such as Toxic Waste or Tangfastics? I’m pleased to say that this doesn’t happen with ‘Tart’! It is quite sour, but the Galaxy hops used are the first flavours sensed (these are some of my favourite hops). The back of my palate played tug-of-war with my taste buds – a battle between “oh sour!” from the grapefruit and “ohhhh yum!” from a bitter lemon edge that rounded the beer. I would describe this as a “soft sour”, as I could easily drink a pint of this on a hot day if I desired more than the generic crisp-tasting lager varieties.


Diagnosis: 3.0/5. ‘Tart’ is not a ground-breaking beer but is certainly not over the top. Some super sour beers I have sampled can be so sour that they can be difficult to drink after half a pint. If you’ve not sampled many before then I would recommend this as a gentle introduction to the variety. If you like this, then it might be worthwhile trying their sister tart beer – blueberry!


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