First Sip Brew Box

Q: Why the name First Sip Brew Box?

A:  The wife and I originally came up with the name “First Sip Brew Box” whilst on an exciting road trip. We were visiting some of our first craft breweries! Trying something for the first time from a new brewery is a special momeen hence the name “First Sip”.



Q: What do I get in the box?

A:  Every month, we feature a different brewery and fill your box with beer gear, branded glasses, stickers and other amazing swag to build your collection. You’ll also receive a delicious treat that’s hand-picked to pair with your beer or a lifestyle item that’s crafted with malts and hops!



Q: How long have you been creating beer boxes for? 

A:  A little over 3 years now.



Q: What was the idea behind the company? 

A:  We wanted to start our own brewery since we’ve been home brewing but when our market research showed how expensive and how many breweries were in our local market, we decided to pivot our idea. We are happy we did as we do not send actual beer out it has opened international shipping for us. Our belief is the best friend of a small business is another small so we created a platform where we can work with breweries and owners of small craft beer inspired businesses and connect them together to curate First Sip Brew Boxes for our subscribers.

*In my limted experience of the brewing industry, there is an incredibly friendly and helpful atmosphere between brewers and breweries – it’s wonderful to see competitiors wanting to help others make great beer*


Q: Outside of beer life, what are your hobbies? 

A:  The wife, Sammie, and I have a beagle that we enjoy taking to different parks. We enjoy traveling and every destination includes craft beer, nachos and waterfalls.

*great combination!!*


Q: Any experience of home brewing or brewing on a large level?

A:  Yes we have been home brewing for 4 years and last year in Pittsburgh, Pa we were apart of Fresh Fest which is one of the first craft beer festivals in the USA to highlight the lack of diversity in craft beer. We collaborated with Allegheny City Brewing located in Pittsburgh Pa on a hazy black IPA, which was our first commercial brewing experience.



Q: What’s your favourite style of beer and if you can single one out, what’s your favourite beer?

A:  I would say Stouts are my favourite with Sours being my wife’s. I actually have a new favourite a Nitro Imperial Smores Stout from Southern Tier Brewing.



Q: What would go into your dream beer box?

A:  In a dream First Sip Brew Box it would consist of working with the Brazen Head in Dublin Ireland the wife and I visited there 4 years ago and fell in love with it. We would have unique merchandise from the brew pub and show case the brew box in Ireland. That would be a dream come true.



Q: Which breweries could I hope to see in one of your boxes?  

A:  This month is Southern Tier Brewing and a few previous breweries: Stone Brewing, New Belgium, Penn Brewery, Avery Brewing, Strangeways, Fury Brewing, Rusty Rail Brewing, Alleghany City Brewing and many more small to regional breweries.




Q: What breweries would you like to feature in future boxes?

A:  Looking to work with Sly Fox, Platform Brewing, Hitchhiker Brewing and Trillium Brewing.



Q: Where do you see the business in 5 years?

A:  Being the go to platform for Craft Beer infused gifts and merchandise. Having 7k-10k subscribers.



Q: Any fun facts about First Sip Brew Box?


  • We also created a Pet Brew Box on our platform where we work with craft breweries and businesses to make treats out of the spent grain.
  • I also spend time helping other entrepreneurs follow their dreams no matter their age. I am giving a class to teenagers to help them follow their dreams coming up this week.
  • We are a Veteran, Woman and Minority owned business and have experienced how difficult it can be and what we face differently.




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