Midweek Madness

At relatively short notice, my partner’s dad was coming to visit us! Following this impromptu news, there were two obligatory chores: Help with the routine domestic tidying Buy beers and get them chilled Not long after I first decided to find new craft brews and track my favourites, I introduced the concept to my partner’s […]

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Fallen Brewing

Ever had a beer that you just need to have again? This happened to me just over a year ago. My partner and I were at a board game night in a local bar and whilst we were there, I saw the name “Just The Ticket” written in bold, large letters on the blackboard behind […]

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#collabfest2017……. part 2

As many of you will already know, #collabfest2017 was a fantastic event that was celebrated across 34 bars throughout the UK and other parts of Europe. A couple of days later, having a few hours off before picking my partner up prior to a movie trip, I went into my local BrewDog bar to stock […]

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