Singha by Boon Rawd Brewery ABV: 5%

The last time I was fortunate enough to taste a brilliant Asian lager, I was semi-transported to Indonesia where the number one premium beer is Bintang. This time, my beer fridge was taking me to a destination that is nearly just as far away; Thailand! Renowned for the bustling streets of Bangkok, LadyBoys and of course “Singha” beer, I eagerly awaited to be transported to … Continue reading Singha by Boon Rawd Brewery ABV: 5%

Midweek Madness

At relatively short notice, my partner’s dad was coming to visit us! Following this impromptu news, there were two obligatory chores: Help with the routine domestic tidying Buy beers and get them chilled Not long after I first decided to find new craft brews and track my favourites, I introduced the concept to my partner’s father. He’s always enjoyed a clean, crisp Italian lager, but … Continue reading Midweek Madness

The Definite Last BrewDog Prototype 2017

I recently went into my BrewDog bar to restock my growlersfor #collabfest2017 part 2. Whilst my beer vessels were being filled to the brim, I headed to the store’s take-out shop, located conveniently to the side of the bar. I selected a variety of new beers, from multiple different breweries. Just as I was about to hand over my debit card, I noticed a familiar … Continue reading The Definite Last BrewDog Prototype 2017