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  • American Pale (Fourpure)
  • Mango Mango Mango
  • Brooklyn Ale
  • Brooklyn Scorcher IPA


Here’s a quick link feature to beers that I’ve reviewed, sorted by style


Cubanisto                                                 Intergalactic

Cumberland                                           San Miguel

Numero Uno                                           Clean Water Lager

Bintang                                                      Pils Lager

Dr Frank’s Happy Pils                      Prototype Vienna Lager

Singha                                                         Hop House 13


Palate Wrecker                                            Hazy Jane

Truth                                                                 New England IPA v2

Sixpoint Resin                                              Jack’s Precious IPA

Bloody ‘Ell                                                       Born to Die 13.05.2017

Elvis Juice                                                       Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference

Stone IPA                                                         Prototype Double IPA

Jaipur                                                                Prototype Black Rye IPA

Melba                                                                 Prototype Tangerine Session IPA

Hop Shot                                                         Tropical Forres

Extraordinary IPA                                      SoulDog IPA

Sixteen Letter IPA                                      Session IPA

Easy Peeler                                                     Juicebox Citrus IPA

Shape Shifter                                              Deucebox

Southern Lattitude                                   Little Horror of Hops

Shipwreck IPA                                           Proper Job

Slot Machine                                              Crossing the Rubicon

Lawless Village IPA                                   Brooklyn East IPA

Stone Go To IPA


Derail Ale                                                      Spitfire

Honey Dew                                                   Bettys Stog

Banana Bread Beer                                   Gold

Hobgoblin Gold                                          Duvel

Beartooth                                                      Gangly Ghoul

Trooper Hallowed                                    Local Motive

Original                                                      Traquair House Ale


Pale Ales

River Cottage EPA                                     Extra Pale Ale

West Coast Pale Ale                                  Wye

Kikku                                                               Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Chiron                                                             Just The Ticket

Rye Pale Ale

Wheat Beers

Skeleton Blues                                            312 Urban Wheat ale

Sex Out of Reach



Blonde Beers

Extra Blond                                                 Blonde Ale

New World Odyssey


White Beers

Hitachino Nest White Ale


Sour Beers

Das Ist Techno Sex                                    Corpse Reviver

Cherry Stone


Cookie Dough                                            Very Big Moose



Tango In The Night


Beer Gadgets and Toys

Mad Hops